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PayPal Android app update brings a new mobile wallet experience

PayPal has rolled-out the latest update for their Android app. The updated app brings mobile-wallet features and can be found in the Google Play Store. While we have seen some activity in the mobile-wallet space, it seems this has yet to really catch on for many consumers. With that in mind, this PayPal update adds a bit more than simply being able to walk in and pay with an app.

Boost Mobile Wallet app launching with a digital and physical presence

Boost Mobile has officially entered the digital wallet space. Their entry is the Boost Mobile Wallet which is powered by Wipit and intended to offer "convenient and affordable mobile financial services." Basically, the Boost Mobile Wallet will be for Android handsets and users will be able to send money, pay bills, top-up a wireless account and more. The initial availability will be limited, however a national rollout is expected to begin this summer.

Suretap mobile payment solution hits Android devices on Rogers Wireless

Canadian Android users on the Rogers Communications network now have a new mobile payment solution to choose from. Rogers Communications announced that it had certified suretap on its network for Android devices. With the certification on the network credential issuers such as banks, loyalty, and reward programs can now develop mobile payment solutions for Android devices on the network.

Visa and Samsung partnership hopes to accelerate NFC mobile payments

NFC has plenty of uses aside from mobile payments, however that is often where the topic seems to come back to. There are several solutions such as Google Wallet and ISIS, however neither are widespread in use. Some had thought that Google would have been able to convince people that they needed to be buying things with the swipe of a smartphone, however that doesn't seem to have happened. Enter the next possibility, Samsung and Visa. These two companies have announced a new partnership in hopes to accelerate NFC-based mobile payments.

Jumio Netswipe Mobile turns your smartphone camera into a credit card reader

Jumio has announced the release of Netswipe Mobile for Android. And for those not familiar with Jumio, they are bringing their credit card scanning solution to Android. Yes, the Netswipe Mobile solution was previously available for iOS. That aside though, this solution will be available for app developers and is designed to turn your "smartphone camera into a real-time, secure credit card reader."
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