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Samsung opens beta testing for Samsung Pay for qualified parties

Samsung Pay is set to launch by September 29, but as early as now, you can sign up and be a beta tester. There are certain requirements that you need to meet in order to qualify for the program, specifically regarding your Samsung unit, having an active account, having a qualifying credit card, and lastly, which carrier you’re currently subscribed to. It’s also a given that you understand that beta testing is meant as a dry run and so not all the spokes and wheels might turn, so frustration with the service is a given.

Samsung Pay to come to Europe with extended MasterCard partnership

Samsung Pay may not be the biggest yet, as compared to Google Wallet or Apple Pay (who are actually both not as big yet too), but eventually, it will get there. Once it actually launches, that is. And now, with an expanded partnership with MasterCard for the European market, it will eventually get bigger once everything is fully operational and functional. This partnership will allow those with Samsung devices to make purchases in stores around Europe, and eventually to all countries that support Samsung Pay.

New Samsung Pay trial service begins in South Korea

Samsung's very own mobile payment service, Samsung Pay, is set to launch in September instead of July. Even if Samsung Wallet ceased operations last June 30, the company wasn't quick to debut the replacement but rather just the trial service launched in South Korea. The trial service started last July 15 for some customers in the country. This is in preparation for the full service launch happening in a few months. The mobile payment Samsung Pay with Samsung Card is initially available to owners of the latest flagship phones, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge.

MasterCard developing new payment system that requires facial recognition

Biometrics are useful and productive. We’ve always imagined a future where you’d only need your face to be scanned to do some important transactions like paying the bills. We don’t know if this technology can be perfected in time but MasterCard is starting an experiment that aims to approve online purchases and payments with a facial scan at checkout. Think taking a selfie to pay for something. This is every selfie-addict’s dream come to true because really, it’s much easier to do compared to remembering a password, right?

Facebook Messenger secure P2P payments rolls out all over the US

Mobile payment transactions may not be the standard yet but there are a lot of people who prefer this method simply because of its ease and convenience. Others are simply worried about privacy and security but developers like Facebook know how to make an app secure all the time. Frequent updates and releases make sure the app is  always in tip-top shape.

Samsung Pay to debut in September instead of July

Samsung has confirmed that their supposed launch of mobile payment gateway Samsung Pay this July will be moved to September instead. It will now probably be part of the next high-end device that the Korean OEM will release, which means it will be the Galaxy Note 5, if they stick to the schedule this time. This is bad news for the company as it will be a few months where they will lose ground against other more aggressive mobile payment systems.

Android Pay hands-on: buying soda with a phone

Put your phone near a vending machine screen and out comes a can of Coke. If that sounds like a scene from a sci-fi show, then we can pretty much say that the future is here. That is exactly the image that Google wants to paint in our minds in demoing two use cases of its newly announced Android Pay mobile payment system. In one instance, we tried the feature earlier described, buying a soda can from an NFC-enabled vending machine. In another, we buy an Android, a collectible, from an Android, a phone, using Android Pay. Inception!

Big surprise: Android Pay coming your way

Google has formally announced something we already knew was coming anyway. Android Pay is real and is here. Google's latest attempt to cash in, no pun intended, on the mobile wallet trend tries to learn from the reasons that Google Wallet failed. Practically, this means that it has partnered with major payment networks, banks, carriers, and retailers even before it launched, ensuring that it will not only have an audience but also somewhere that audience can use it, whether it be an online purchase or a brick and mortar buy.

Samsung Wallet to cease operations on June 30

Mobile payment is still relatively new but there are only a few services that have been successful in the industry. Unfortunately, Samsung Wallet won't be in that category as Samsung is about to discontinue the payment service only after a little more than two years. It was developed as a mobile app which was immediately marked as an Apple Pay rival.
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