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Samsung puts out a new 8 Gigabit LPDDR4 mobile RAM chip

Trying to stay ahead of the mobile industry race, Samsung has just announced a new type of DRAM or Dynamic RAM that is promised to offer higher levels of performance but also the most efficient power management. The new 8 Gigabit DRAM is Samsung's latest jab at the new LPDDR4 category of memory chips for mobile devices.

The top game changing Android devices of 2012

The holiday fun is over and we're officially kicking off 2013 with a quick rundown of some of the top smartphones and tablets to rock the past year. There was multiple "flagship" devices that arrived this year from multiple manufacturers but we all know who the true champ was, and that's Samsung. Read on to see what made the Android Community list.

Google’s homepage gets a new design for mobile devices

That awesome black menu bar that Google users have enjoyed when using the search engine via their computer browser? It's just been ported to the mobile version of Google's homepage, as you can see in the screenshots below. The various links nestled in the normal Google homepage are available in a hidden menu on the left side of the screen called the "Options" tab.

Nikon Coolpix S800 set to be first Android smart camera

Nikon is prepared to launch their first Android-powered smart camera according to recent leaks and rumors from Nikonrumors. This isn't the first time we've heard rumors or ideas regarding an Android camera, but this could be the real deal. Reports are suggesting this will be the first of possibly many from Nikon.

HTC designing iPod Touch rival with stereo sound and a kickstand

I've always been a huge fan of HTC's build quality from the moment I received my Nexus One, the Sensation, and even more so when I enjoyed some hands-on time with the new HTC One X. Today though we have some interesting news about an upcoming HTC device that isn't a smartphone, and instead could rival Apple's iPod Touch and offer much better audio than anything from the fruit company. If the patent designs shown below are any indication HTC is looking to design a pretty awesome multimedia device.
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