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Shadow is now Droid X?

Lately this has been the most leaked upcoming Android phone around the web. Out of all the leaked pictures and information, there hasn’t been any solid evidence of any of these claims until now. Our friend over at Phandroid has just received a few new screenshots of the highly anticipated Motorola Shadow. First off, the new name is Droid X, this is a change from Droid Xtreme that we‘ve heard in recent leaks of the device.

Android 2.2 Froyo Brings Speed to the Browser & Apps2SD

There's no doubt that there's plenty of people out there actively calling out for certain features for Android to adopt. While speeding up the browser may not be at the top of everyone's list, especially considering the native Android browser is pretty quick in of itself, but we know for a fact that adding applications to your SD card is one of the most highly anticipated features ever. And, sure enough, Google has pulled the curtain off the feature.

Opera Mini 5 Beta Now Available For Android

The most popular mobile browser in the world has finally made its way to Android. This version 5 seems to be light years ahead of the version 4 which has been available for quite some time. This version now offers tabbed browsing, there is a bar at the bottom that shows you the number of tabs that you have open and when you click on it a mini view of the page appears. This browser for most will replace the stock browser. Some of the other big new features: * Speed Dial: Gives you one-touch access to 9 of your favorite sites. * Password Manager * Opera Link: Syncs your bookmarks (and Speed Dial) between your handset and your desktop (be it that you’re running Opera on your desktop, that is) The only two problems I've found so far is the browser doesnt recognize my existing bookmarks and there's no Flash integration. So if you have a Flash capable phone, I would play with this but stick to the stock browser.

Firefox browser coming to Android in February?

Not fond of the stock web browser on your Android-powered device?  We have some good news indeed – the first beta version of Firefox for Android (codename Fennec) may just be launching in February.  Firefox is currently one of the most popular online browsers, and this is both a push toward an increasing level of mobile browsing for Firefox as well as their future plans for the Android platform.

HTC Magic gets zoom-wheel [Video]

In addition to the landscape QWERTY keyboard, HTC have added a new zoom control wheel to the HTC Magic smartphone.  Seemingly intended to offer more precise zooming without treading on Apple's pinch-and-spread patent toes, the wheel is called up with a double-tap. In the CNET France video below, you can see the zoom-wheel operated in both the HTC Magic's browser and its photo viewer.  Thanks to the compact size of the Magic itself, you could realistically control the wheel and hold the smartphone with a single hand, not something you can say the same about pinch-and-zoom. No word on whether this new zooming control feature will be offered to existing Android G1 owners, though of course the nature of the Android platform means that what Google/HTC don't offer officially, the open-source community will liberate themselves.  The HTC Magic is expected to arrive in various European countries in April 2009, price to be confirmed.   [gallery] [via Electricpig]

New AdWords options now for available T-Mobile G1

Today, the Google mobile ads team has announced a new option that allows those of us who are AdWords advertisers to your desktop text and image ads on the T-Mobile G1, or any device that has a full HTML browser. These adds will have many of the same benefits as the standard mobile ads, such as the delivery of mobile-specific calls-to-action and reaching mobile users that are searching with their phones more than ever. You may have seen these ads running on the G1 already because Google Search on this device results pages that are modified specifically for this phone. Now advertisers will be able to have ads exclusively on the mobile devices of their choice, create campaigns for them, and get separate performance reporting. The good news is you can opt out of these ads and they will only appear on your computer. To disable these ads that target your phone just go to your campaign settings tab in your AdWords account. Navigate to Networks and Bidding and find Device Platform and select "iPhones and other mobile devices with full internet browsers." Note that if you are currently running Google’s mobile ads, this new option for desktop ads will not affect your campaign. [youtube][/youtube] [Via GoogleBlog]

Steel mobile browser hits the Android Market, comes equipped with an on-screen keyboard

It seems as soon as the one new application hits the Android Market, the floodgates are opened and more quickly follow. Opera just recently launched their very famous Brower for Android and now we are seeing other companies release their browsers as well. Steel is the latest to give us more options when it comes to browsing the Internet on our T-Mobile G1. Kolbysoft’s Steel is based off WebKit just as the G1’s browser and iPhone’s Safari. Eventually Steel will have plenty of great features including multiple windows, downloads, configurations, clear application history and cache and an on-screen keyboard. Yes you read it right, an on-screen keyboard will be added. This come from behind browser is still in the early stages so don’t expect it to outshine Opera anytime soon, but definitely give it a spin. For those who cannot live without an on-screen keyboard, this just may be the browser for you as there has been no word on keyboards in other browsers at this time. We are certainly happy to see very useful applications come to the Android Market rather than another version of the tip calculator.

The T-Mobile G1 gets hijacked!

The latest update that Google pushed out (RC30) is suppose to fix the browser hijacker security flaw that was originally reported in Android software. Well it appears that Google is going back to the drawing board because our users have been hijacked! Our users are reporting an attack when they try to visit their Yahoo home page. Instead of going to their homepage it redirects them to the antivirus download page for whatever reason. While we are unsure what is causing this, it appears it just started happening yesterday. There is no threat to any information in the applications other than the web browser. Google limits the browser so that no hijackers can gain access to personal information in other applications such as BioWallet. Google has not made any comments on this issue thus far. There is development on antivirus applications for Google’s Android and the G1 going on right now.  How many of our members are experiencing similar problems?  Will anyone be purchasing antivirus software for their G1 now to gain some peace of mind?

Opera Mini 4.2 finally makes its way to the Android Market

Back in April, Opera released a preview of their mobile Opera Mini browser for the Android SDK. It looked as good as ever with running on Android, but it still was not complete. Until now we have had to deal with the less than perfect integrated Android browser. Now users have a choice as to which browser they will use to surf the net. Newly introduced into the Android Market is Opera Mini 4.2 made specifically for Android. What a relief to see one of our favorite browsers on our new favorite handset! However this version is reportedly not without bugs. Some highlights of the mobile browser are changeable skins and the “speed dial” features that gives you a nice grid of popular windows so you don’t have to open your bookmarks every time. Opera Mini is very unique in the fact that instead of downloading the page to your device and then rendering it, the browser renders it on their servers and then sends it to the handset reducing the load time. Our question to you is, how do you like it? Is this enough to get you to completely stop using the native browser? Send us a comment and let us know.
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