Xiaomi M1 Dual-Core Android Phone, Call it the MIUI Phone

Xiaomi will be introducing a new phone called the M1 in China, for now I'm just going to call this the MIUI Phone. For those that don't know, MIUI is probably one of if not the biggest custom ROM currently available for Android Phones. With the main competition most likely CyanogenMod. This phone will launch, and come new with a custom MIUI Rom out of the box -- and I want one ASAP!

Themed MIUI Animated Clocks [Download]

I know you all love to mod and tweak your Android phones just like I do so when I saw this I figured you'd all enjoy it. What we have here is a huge collection of themed clocks. The highly popular MIUI animated clock is being used as it's neat and clean looking and really makes your phone look sharp. Just about every color you can imagine is listed in his thread so you can get exactly what you want and the modder 00McD00 is even taking requests.
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