Xiaomi MI-One gets an official ICS beta

The final version of the ICS update for community-authored ROM MIUI isn't even out yet, but owners of Xiaomi's MI-One phone can try a beta release right now. The update was made available on the MIUI forums for one and all, though you'll need to read Chinese to get the most out of it. There's still no news on when MIUI's full Ice Cream Sandwich update will be ready, or  for which phones. For the uninitiated, MIUI is a family of custom ROMs that update regularly and feature a custom user interface that blends elements of Android, iOS and Web OS. It has the distinction of being the first and only Android ROM to be used for a retail phone, Xiaomi's custom-built MI-One. In a sense, you can think of the MI-One as a sort of community-sponsored Nexus phone for China. Naturally, the dev team keeps the MI-One phone as a priority in its updates, and the Android 4.0 version is no exception. Of course there are a few kinks that still need to be worked out. Though the beta is well underway, the ROM still has issues in finding and locking in a network signal. And because the ICS update isn't yet part of the official MIUI tree, you'll need to flash the new ROM and all subsequent updates manually, at least until the software goes gold. Remember to always keep a backup, and happy modding. [timeline] [via Giz-China]

T-Mobile LG G2x gets a MIUI Port

The LG Optimus 2x has been enjoying the beauty of the MIUI custom ROM for a while already but sadly the T-Mobile G2x users weren't so lucky. Thanks to some porting of the official MIUI for the Optimus 2x users of the LG G2x can now enjoy the same awesome ROM. Other than CyanogenMod, MIUI is one of the most popular ROM's available and I'm sure many will be happy to give this a try.

MIUI for the HP TouchPad enters beta, download it now

Though it's almost impossible to find an HP TouchPad at this point (at a reasonable price, anyway) the Android mod community is still rolling full steam ahead on the abandoned platform. Though the MIUI version of Android isn't as far along as CyanogenMod 7 for the TouchPad, it's reached the beta stage first, aftera short alpha introductory period. You can download MIUI for the TouchPad over at RootzWiki.

MIUI custom ROM is ready for the Galaxy Nexus

New Galaxy Nexus owners: this is what you waited for. As developer devices, the Nexus phones get pretty much all the desirable custom ROMs out there, and now you can download the popular MIUI ROM for Google's favorite son. Different builds for the GSM and CDMA Galaxy Nexus are available over at XDA, both compiled from the official MIUI source code from popular ROM developer DroidVicious.

MIUI on Galaxy Nexus LTE currently in the works, almost fully functional

Well that was quick. Developer DroidVicious over at RootzWiki has almost ported his ViciousMIUI ROM over from the Thunderbolt to the Galaxy Nexus LTE. Before even a day had passed, he had calls, call audio, and data all working perfectly. The only feature currently broken and acting buggy is WiFI and the softkeys. Though we'll have to wait for a WiFi fix from him directly, we can mend the softkey problem by downloading Soft Keys from the Android Market.

Xiaomi’s MI-One Ice Cream Sandwich build shown on video

If you're a fan of the MIUI family of custom ROMs, you're almost certainly aware of Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi's MI-One, the phone that comes with MIUI pre-installed. Keeping their title as the most mod-friendly manufacturer in the eastern hemisphere, the company is hard at work integrating the Ice Cream Sandwich version of MIUI into its flagship phone. The company showed off a video of their progress on YouTube - see below.

MIUI custom ROM shows off an early Ice Cream Sandwich build

You didn't think CyanogenMod was the only ROM starting on an Ice Cream Sandwich version, did you? The MIUI team, makers of  arguably the second most popular custom ROM out there, has already begun porting their extensive set of Android customizations to run on Ice Cream Sandwich's open source code. The developers issued a special preview on their website, with a walk-through of the updated interface.
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