Minecraft releases massive update in Pocket Edition 0.9.0

If you thought that Minecraft was already addictive and counter-productive enough as it is, well, it’s creators didn’t think so. They just released a massive update (they say it’s their biggest ever) and parents and bosses everywhere should get ready to start setting down rules as to when their children and employees can actually play the mobile game, if they themselves are not obsessed with it.

Minecraft PE Android beta program launched by Mojang

The Play Store beta release program ins't new, however there is a new entry as of today. Mojang has announced a beta program for Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) this morning. This will be open and available for anyone that has previously purchased the game, or alternatively, for those who are still planning to purchase the game.

Android game developers: innovate, don’t emulate

I have a confession to make: I almost never use any of my Android devices for gaming. If I want to play video games, I either find a truck to jump-start my ancient desktop computer or turn on my even more ancient Dreamcast. The fact that I'm terrible at touchscreen controls (and I am) is only part of the problem: there just isn't enough innovation on the mobile platform for me to choose it over more traditional forms of gaming.

Minecraft sells a million on Android

Ah, Minecraft. Not since WoW have we seen a gaming experience so effortlessly addictive, not to mention appealing to the obsessive-compulsive in all of us. As testament to that fact, Minecraft Pocket Edition has now sold over one million copies on the Android Market since its introduction just six months ago. That doesn't even come close to the game's success on the PC side, but it's incredibly impressive nonetheless. Minecraft developer Danuel Kaplan confirmed the news on his Twitter account.

Brick Force combines Android and PC platforms for Minecraft-inspired FPS

Indie smash hit Minecraft taps into that part of your brain that loves playing with Lego: simple tools, endless possibilities. Of course, one of the most fun parts of building blocks is completing your edifice, waiting about three seconds... then blowing it to smithereens. For that essential experience, look to Brick Force, a new game combining the building elements of Minecraft with the fast-paced shooter action of games like Team Fortress and Counter-Strike.

Minecraft gets an 8-bit version called Minicraft for Android

For the hundreds of thousands of Minecraft fans in the world of Android we have some good news. While Minecraft came to Android already, this is something different from creator Markus Persson. What we have today is Minicraft -- a mini version of the game in 8-bit format for Android made by the same genius that brought us the original. Who's ready for some fun?

Minecraft gets more than 700,000 downloads in just 2 months

IF you haven't heard of Minecraft, you don't spend enough time on the Internet. (Good for you.) For a lot of other, the open-world construction game Minecraft has become an addiction on par with Angry Birds. The game debuted on Android as a Sony Xperia Play exclusive back in August, then a general Android Market release in October. Between then and now, Micecraft Pocket Edition has racked up an incredible 700,000 downloads across the Android and iPhone platforms.