Google passes 700,000 apps on Google Play

In case you couldn't tell, Google Play is growing at an exponential rate. Google has just revealed that they have over 700,000 applications available on its application store. This puts them right there with Apple in terms of number of apps available on its service.

Motorola Milestone (DROID) brand new and unlocked for $189

We could call this a good deal right? The original Motorola DROID also known as the Milestone brings back some good ol Android memories for many. This device may be a dying breed with all the 4.0" screens and dual-core processors these days but if you love some original DROID and a keyboard this is a pretty solid deal and worth a quick shout if you ask me.

UK won’t get Motorola Milestone 3 smartphone

Here in the US we get the Droid line of smartphones, but over in the UK Motorola offered the same phone as the Milestone. Android fans of the Droid in the US and other places will be able to get the Droid 3 smartphone that turned up in the leaked how-to videos earlier this month at some point. If you are a UK fans of the milestone line that was hoping to see the Milestone 3 as it would be called in your neck of the woods bad news has landed.

CyanogenMod 7 running strong, Installed on over 200,000 devices

For those that may not be keeping score of our favorite ROM developers CyanogenMod, I have been watching for you and I can now say it looks like they have hit a pretty large milestone. 200,000 users running CyanogenMod 7. That is extremely impressive for the guys from TD. This all started back on the G1 and has grown into something larger than any of them had ever expected. This is only for CyanogenMod 7, this doesn't count users that for some reason may still be on CM6, or even CM5 from the good ol days.

Gingerbread Ported to Motorola Milestone

So you've still got a Motorola Milestone lying around, yes? How would you like to upgrade to a much nicer phone without having to toss even a dollar out of your billfold? You can right now if you hang a left over to the thread on XDA Developers made by edgardastro, an avid developer of hacked items. This brand new ROM of Android 2.3 Gingerbread that edgardastro has baked up is based on AOSP, and there is still quite a bit of development going on, so don't expect a perfect build quite yet.

Motorola Milestone Gets Android 2.2 Test Build, Poses for Photos

So, if you've got yourself a Motorola MILESTONE, then you've probably been trying to wait patiently for the upgrade to Android 2.2. While Motorola hasn't really been all that forthcoming with 2.2 information for the device, at least we know it's coming. And, sure enough, the European side of the company has taken some steps to show off the test build for the device, and show them off.

Motorola Milestone Gets Android 2.2, Unofficially

As of this writing, it looks like Motorola is on the fence regarding a future update to Android 2.2, as it relates to the Milestone. It just got Android 2.1, so we can see where Motorola is coming from. That's from a logic standpoint. But, from the much healthier standpoint of wanting the most current software on our device at all times, we're wondering what they're thinking. Thankfully, though, we've got a great development community out there -- and here you have Android 2.2, in build FRF91 -- which has already made the rounds over plenty of devices already.

AT&T Android Owners Can Now Side-Load Apps

Bad news seems to be everywhere right now, whether it's about Milestone perhaps not getting Froyo and now. If you are big fan of the Aria from AT&T then you probably know that the carrier has crippled the phone so that you cannot download applications from third parties; simply put, from nowhere other than the Android Market. You can see in the picture below that the option is not even present, since AT&T has taken it out completely.

Motorola Milestone XT720 Gets A Few Upgrades

If you were a little disappointed about the original specs of the Motorola Milestone XT720, you weren’t alone. Those outdated mid-range specs took a little air out of the balloon. Thankfully, those Motorola will up the specs a bit for it’s re-release.
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