Microsoft launches the Halo Network app on Google Play

If you really love Halo – as in, you can’t live without it – then you must be clapping as you read the headline. For us normal people, it’s Microsoft trying to extend the reach of its influence, even in gaming. For all of you who adore Cortana and know all there is to know about Master Chief, the Halo Channel app on Android will be a total feast. Well, maybe not that much.

Microsoft Garage outs Tossup, helps you plan events and gather opinions

Here’s another similar app that simplifies gathering opinions and planning for events: Tossup. It’s a new app from Microsoft Garage Project that allows you to easily survey and ask simple questions from friends. Ask where or when to meet and they can send in their answers. This app makes deciding for a schedule or venue more convenient because you can get an initial consensus.

Mojang is closing down card combat game Scrolls

The real blockbuster news was when Microsoft up and bought game developer Mojang – makers of Minecraft – for USD$2.5 billion. Apparently, Microsoft wanted to build on Mojang’s current moneymaker, which is the Minecraft game. But what of its other games, like the card battle game “Scrolls”? This game went through a highly successful beta and is a relative success story in itself, but Mojang is announcing that it will be shutting the game down by 2016.

OneDrive now allows you to cast content through Chromecast

The past few months has seen Microsoft create and update a lot of its apps for other platforms, adding a lot of features and capabilities that would make people use it even more than their own, native apps. The latest update they're giving us concerns their cloud storage app OneDrive. It now comes with Chromecast support, meaning users can cast their videos and images onto a larger screen, so you can view and show them off to other people.

Bing Rewards update brings new look, suggested rewards

If you didn't know it yet, Microsoft actually rewards you for using its own Bing and lure you away from your default search engine. While obviously they have no problems when it comes to Windows-based devices, it becomes a little tricky when it comes to Android, since more likely, users will use Google. But they're hoping that this latest update to the Bing Rewards app will attract even those who are loyal to Google to try and expand their digital wings.

Skype for Web already available worldwide, still in Beta

We all know that the Skype team has been working on a Web version of the popular instant messaging software. It's almost ready but it's still in beta form. The Skype for Web (Beta) can now be accessed and used by anyone from anywhere in the world. It's also supported in several languages so you can be sure there's one version right for you.

View encrypted messages with 0365 Message Encryption Viewer

If you work in a high security kind of company, sometimes sending emails may not be secure enough for you or your bosses' tastes. It's not really paranoia about corporate espionage or something, but dealing with important documents that may mean life or death is crucial. It might sound like something out of a spy movie or TV show, but it's more practical than that in real life. Microsoft has added a few more tools to help corporations and individuals master the art of encrypted messages through the 0365 Message Encryption Viewer.

Microsoft confirms acquisition of productivity app Wunderlist

The moment that calendar app Sunrise integrated critically-acclaimed and user-favorite to-do list app Wunderlist, people started speculating that Microsoft is on the verge of buying the latter. This is because, if you didn't know it yet, the former was also recently acquired by the tech conglomerate. And why create something from the ground up when you can just simply integrate into your system an already-established product? So yes, Microsoft has confirmed that Wunderlist is now part of their growing stable of productivity tools.

Office Lens now available out of preview for Android

If you've always wanted to have the ability to scan documents while you're mobile, without having to lug around an actual scanner or even a portable one, the arrival of scanning apps was probably a dream come true. But some of those apps probably have very limited capabilities aside from just like taking a picture of your receipt or contract or even picture. As part of Microsoft's continued "reinvention", their Office Lens is now officially available for Android devices through the Google Play Store.
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