Microsoft Kinect hacked for Android compatibility

The details are scant on this hack with the geek behind the deed not offering up any details on how he managed to get the Kinect working on the Android platform. Still the feat is impressive and it's turning out that the Kinect is a very hackable device indeed.

Nokia passes on Android because there “are too many players”

Nokia's new CEO and former Microsoft man Stephen Elop has been blunt with workers when he says that the company is standing on a burning platform with regards to MeeGo. All the blunt talk about how poorly Nokia is performing had me hoping that the company would turn to an interesting OS like Android for its smartphones.

Sony Ericsson Sticking with Android, Releasing Phones with Latest OS

Still just releasing the apparently massive amount of interviews and tiny tips they received at CES 2011, Pocket Lint today lets loose a little interview they had with Steven Walker, acting head of global marketing at Sony Ericsson. In this interview, Walker lets the world know that they don't plan on working with Microsoft on Windows Phone right this moment, having worked with them on a number of 6.x products but not quite feeling like they need any "concrete announcement" when or if they'll work with Windows Phone 7. On that note, Walker does confirm they'll continue to release a massive amount of Android product: "We see the need as an industry to galvanise behind the Android ecosystem to create a strong ecosystem for consumers."

Sweet FRG83D Update for DROID A855 from Verizon

Oh man I know you love updates, why not download one today? Courtesy of Verizon you'll receive your very own updated Twitter with new authentication support, updated Amazon widget, updated News & Weather widget, and a brand freaking new added Gmail user interface. What more could you want? Oh you want improvements to Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync? Well there's that too, including handing of server-side inactivity timeouts of 34 minutes or greater, continuation of syncing of emails after a policy refresh, and support for Exchange 2010 connections. Such a bunch of freshness!

Android Outselling Windows Phone 7 handsets 15 to 1

Microsoft is keeping quiet about sales figures of Windows Phone 7 devices, so we have to look to retailers for some actual numbers. UK retailer MobilesPlease has released data that shows early WP7 phone sales were "unusually disappointing," going on to state that only 3-percent of the company's sales were from Microsoft's new mobile OS.

Samsung Galaxy Tab for T-Mobile Specs Page Outlines Different, Windows 7 Tablet

Mistakes happen. And, usually when a company is dealing with multiple versions of something, they tend to happen more often. For example, if a company happens to have two different tablets shipping in the near future, it's possible that someone typing up the specifications for one of them might, say, make a few mistakes, and put the wrong specifications down. It looks like someone at T-Mobile has made a mistake, because the Samsung Galaxy Tab's specifications page certainly outlines a tablet, but it's not the Galaxy Tab.

Android Helps Google Soar in Q3 Earnings

Google has announced their Q3 earnings, and rave about Android's part in making it such a successful quarter (helping to make them very rich). Android Marketplace now has over 90,000 applications and it doesn't appears that they'll be slowing down any time soon. However, Google isn't looking to make a ton money from the Android Market (they're doing pretty well with Google Search). They know it's a way for developers to get paid and that's just fine with them.

Steve Ballmer says that Android isn’t free

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is well known for making some crazy statements and acting more than a bit strange on stage during speeches. Ballmer is now claiming that Android really isn't free. Google lets handset makers use Android without licensing fees rather than the large fees Microsoft charges to license Windows Phone 7 software to makers.

Microsoft Files Patent Lawsuit Against Motorola

In a public statement, Microsoft has announced that they have filed a patent lawsuit against Motorola with the International Trade Commission, based on the essential functionality that Motorola employs in their Android-based smartphones. Microsoft is saying that Motorola has violated several patents, all of which have something to do with specific uses of the User Experience. The lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington earlier today.