Samsung “can’t rely on Google” for patent protection, says executive

According to an anonymous Samsung executive, the Korean manufacturer isn't looking to Google for protection in the intellectual property realm. The exec told The Korea Times that "Samsung knows it can't rely on Google," going on to say that Google's recent acquisition of Motorola isn't going to help matters. Considering the ever-escalating worldwide patent war between Samsung and Apple, it's easy to see where they're coming from. The executive went on to imply that the recent patent agreement between Microsoft and Samsung is also a way for Microsoft to lock in a major partner for its Windows Phone 7 platform. "As long as Samsung builds devices running Windows Phone, it will benefit from Microsoft’s patents,” said the source. Google's acquisition of Motorola Mobility has some far-reaching industry implications, and one of them seems to be that a formerly friendly top-tier manufacturer is looking to diversify. Further expanding its operating system options, Samsung has also committed to the new Tizen platform. The next generation of Intel's MeeGo OS has already been embraced by Acer and ASUS, with HTC also looking into adding support. Tizen is being developed as an agnostic OS, working on smartphones, tablets and netbooks - not unlike the forthcoming Android Ice Cream Sandwich. And of course, Samsung has its own internal OS in bada, designed for lower-specced phones and other devices. [via SlashGear]

Google calls out Microsoft for extorting Android OEM’s, Microsoft says “Waaaah”

Earlier today, Microsoft and Samsung finally came to terms regarding their patent lawsuits. Just like previous lawsuits before them aimed at HTC and others Samsung will now owe Micro$oft money for every single Android handset sold. This has been going on for a while and not the first time we've heard from Google or their lawyers. Just last month we mentioned Microsoft makes 3 times more off these patent payouts from Android phone OEM's than they do from Windows Phone 7 as a whole.

Microsoft signs Android licensing deal with Samsung

Microsoft has announced that it has landed a patent agreement with Samsung that will allow Samsung access to the patent portfolio that has to do with Android smartphones. The announcement means that the two largest Android smartphone firms in the US are now licensing patents for Android from Microsoft. The agreement will see Microsoft paid royalties from Samsung for tablets and smartphones on the Android platform.

Microsoft sues Motorola for patent infringement

We all know that one of the key reasons that Google gobbled up Motorola Mobility was for the patent treasure trove that Motorola owned. Microsoft was said to be eying the purchase of Motorola Mobility as well, strictly for the patents. In fact, some sources claimed that Motorola went with Google over Microsoft because Microsoft planned to shutter the mobile operations.

Google Contacts FCC Regarding Microsoft Leaking Confidential Android Source Code

It appears that Google has another knife to pull on Microsoft, this time regarding Android source code, Google this week asking a judge with the US International Trade Commission to block a Microsoft "expert witness" in a Motorola lawsuit because this witness had "highly confidential source code" leaked to him by Microsoft. It's not the least confusing situation in these patent posts we've been posting these past few months, that's for sure, and I'm certain we'll go through it again by the end of this post.

Microsoft makes three times more off patent licensing than its own mobile OS

Microsoft is really putting the screws to many companies in the Android realm with patent licensing deals that have turned out to b every lucrative. Microsoft holds several key patents and most of the key Android players are now paying Microsoft to license those patents. With the popularity of Android and the lack of popularity of Windows Phone 7, this may come as no surprise.

Google Responds to Microsoft Tweet Regarding Patents

Google has made an update to the blog post yesterday regarding the recent patent lawsuits aimed at Android and its OEM partners. This update is a response to a tweet from a Microsoft employee, calling out Google, saying that Microsoft invited Google to join their collective bid for patents recently. Google outlines their strategic reasons for turning it down.

Microsoft flexes Android patent muscle to squeeze loot out of Samsung

Microsoft is flying high with its patents that go along with Android devices. So far the biggest rumored payday from Microsoft from an Android smartphone marker has been the $5 per device that HTC is said to be paying for its licensing fee. Microsoft also landed a patent agreement with Wistron this week and now has its sights set on a much bigger target - Samsung.