Bing’s Knowledge and action graph API will be available to devs

Bing has just announced that a new API will bring the knowledge and action graph to apps. Developers can start using the new API to add and show rich data in apps. This will be useful for apps that usually make us ask or search for information like those messaging or music apps where you'd usually need to know what's what or who is playing in the background. This development is expected to keep people more engaged by showing information they might be looking for right inside the apps they are currently using.

Skype for Business apps now on preview for Android devices

Gone are the days when all the people you need to meet with for work are actually located at your office (unless you work in a very traditional one). More often than not, the people you need to conference with are in different parts of the city, the country, or even the world. And while Skype is a good way to make free video calls, of course it isn’t very “professional” sounding or looking. That’s why they’re now introducing a preview of Skype for Business.

OneNote Floatie saves notes wherever you are in your smartphone

Have you ever had a sudden burst of idea while you’re doing something on your device, whether browsing your Facebook timeline or chatting with an officemate. But going out of the current app you’re using, opening your note-taking app, and then writing that thought down sometimes takes forever? Sounds like we’re just being lazy, but really, all we want is to conserve a few seconds and a few steps so we can do other things. That’s what OneNote believes, and so they’re now bringing us the Floatie button.

Microsoft’s Cortana app can now be set as default on Android

Cortana is still scheduled to be released for Android but before its official launch, Microsoft is doing its best to test the app and fix whatever bugs or issues that may be encountered. It’s not even a month after the beta testing program was introduced unofficially to a select group of Android users in the United States and then leaked, and the software giant is already announcing an update.

Microsoft releases new productivity tools for Android Wear

Microsoft, fresh off the success of their Windows 10 launch, isn’t sitting on their laurels when it comes to their products in other platforms. They’ve announced a whole slew of productivity product updates, this time specifically for wearable and smartwatches, including some for smartwatches running on the Android Wear platform. This includes OneNote, OneDrive, and Microsoft Translator, all of which now have apps and features created especially for that gadget on your wrist.

Control your Android device via Windows 10’s Cortana

It’s just been a few days since Microsoft’s Windows 10 officially launched into the world and already, we have developers integrating Cortana – Windows 10’s voice assistant – with Android. The hardcore Android tweakers will already know all about Tasker – that app that gives you seemingly unlimited automation option son your Android device. This tweak allows Cortana to play nice with AutoVoice, a Tasker plugin, so that you can give voice commands to your Android device while using your Windows 10 laptop or desktop.

Xbox Music app now known as ‘Microsoft Groove’

Microsoft's very own Xbox Music app for Android is getting a new name. Don't be surprised if you see 'Groove' everywhere because the software giant has made changes to some of its apps. Aside from the music app being rebranded, Xbox Video will now be known as 'Movies & TV'. The name 'Groove' may mean a lot of things but I'd like to think that it has something to do with establishing a habit or a routine. Music as a routine? Yep, Groove can help you with that.

Xbox One Smartglass app on Android to get screenshot feature

The good thing about owning an Xbox One AND a Windows 10 phone is that gamers are able to share their gaming screenshots to social media platforms via the Microsoft Smartglass app. But because you asked for it, Microsoft is now making that feature available on the Android version of the app (as well as on iOS). There are some initial restrictions, but it should be all good soon.

Microsoft beta launches their own Android launcher

In another step in their bid to become more relevant to other consumers, specifically for Android users, Microsoft is working on a new app that is now in a private beta-testing phase. The Arrow Launcher, is, you guessed it, an Android launcher that tries to bring the usual features that we enjoy from launchers, while bringing something unique and a Microsoft sensibility as well. And since it’s still in beta, you can contribute to making it a bit better.
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