Micromax Bolt A51 Android 2.3 smartphone breaks cover

A new Android smartphone from Micromax has launched as an entry-level mobile device. The smartphone is called the Bolt A51 and will be available for retail purchase soon. The smartphone uses a 832 MHz Broadcom processor and features a 3.5-inch display.

Micromax Andro 60 will be Cheapest Android Phone in India Soon, Runs 2.1

When it comes to cheap Android-based devices, there's a few to choose from. But, when you start looking at the mid-$100 price range, you have to start wondering if the money is really worth spending, even if it isn't a lot. When it comes to the Micromax Andro 60, which will be the cheapest Android-based handset to launch in India when it does in the near future, potential owners will have to wonder if having a resistive touchscreen is worth the low cost.

ZTE Micromax Andro A60 Launches in India

Micromax, an Indian phone manufacturer known for their entry-level affordable handsets, has just released a new entry-level Android device in India. Launching as the Android A60, also known as the ZTE Penguin, the interesting device will sell for 6,999 INR which is about $152.

Micromax Launching Vendor’s First Android Handset on October 20th

While it may not be as high profile as, say, the HTC Desire HD, the unnamed Android-based handset set to be announced by Micromax this Wednesday isn't any less special. Special, in the sense that this marks the first Android handset to be launched by the vendor in India, and it's always good to see Android landing in markets all over the world. According to Cell Passion, Micromax has a press event scheduled for October 20th, where they will officially unveil their first Android smartphone.