MetroPCS selling Samsung Galaxy S III at select stores this weekend and everywhere Monday

MetroPCS has just announced that they are bringing the Samsung Galaxy S III to market this weekend. Select MetroPCS stores will have the device available this weekend. Starting Monday, October 22, MetroPCS will have Samsung's monster phone available at all MetroPCS retailers and on This is some awesome news for people looking to pick up a top of the line smartphone without getting stuck in a carrier contract.

Samsung Galaxy S III lands at MetroPCS in October

A lot of Samsung fans probably already have their Galaxy S III, but just in case you don't yet, you might be pleased that the flagship will be arriving at MetroPCS next month. The phone launched at most major carriers a few months back, but now it appears to be time for the budget carriers to get a piece of the action too. The Galaxy S III is already an incredibly popular smartphone, selling 20 million units since its launch earlier this year, and Samsung can definitely count on a sales boost by bringing the handset to MetroPCS.

LG Optimus M+ available now on MetroPCS

Most of the coverage for Android goes to big, powerful and expensive mega-machines, but entry-level phones need love too. So we're happy to tell you that LG's Optimus M+ is now available for MetroPCS customers. The mid-range phone was first spotted last month as an upgrade to the original Optimus M, and it's available now for $129 without a contract. It won't wow anyone who's holding out for, say, the Optimus 4X HD, but it looks like a solid smartphone at a reasonable price.

LG Optimus M+ headed to MetroPCS

Budget phones for budget carriers make for some very happy low-end Android users, and MetroPCs and LG are looking to update the very first Android phone available on the regional carrier. The Optimus M+ is a update to the original Optimus M model, spotted by PocketNow and headed for MetroPCS sometime in the indeterminate future. It won't set the world on fire with its size or specs, but neither will it burn a hole in your wallet. At present there's no sate or price, but it should be pretty close to the original's $99 off contract.

LG Connect 4G LTE headed to MetroPCS

What you see pictured below are the leaked images of what is being called the LG Connect 4G. It is headed for MetroPCS as a mid to high-end device rocking their 4G LTE speeds and might also land on Verizon Wireless in the coming months. We should be seeing more of this device soon but so far it's looking good.

LG Esteem officially announced, headed to MetroPCS

Today LG has officially announced their new higher end Android smartphone for MetroPCS. This may not be a top tier high end smartphone, but for MetroPCS it's one of the best they have to offer and is available now. Earlier last week the LG Esteem was first leaked online and it spilled the beans on all the details and specs including Gingerbread, and 4G LTE.

LG Esteem Leaks – Brings Gingerbread and LTE to MetroPCS

Found on a LG Partner portal, the LG Esteem has been confirmed for MetroPCS. The device will run on MetroPCS' 3G/LTE network. It will also be running Android 2.3 Gingerbread on board as well. Though MetroPCS doesn't sell its devices on discount with contracts, it is also reported that the device will sell for $349 with a $100 mail-in-rebate.
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