LG Esteem Leaks – Brings Gingerbread and LTE to MetroPCS

Found on a LG Partner portal, the LG Esteem has been confirmed for MetroPCS. The device will run on MetroPCS' 3G/LTE network. It will also be running Android 2.3 Gingerbread on board as well. Though MetroPCS doesn't sell its devices on discount with contracts, it is also reported that the device will sell for $349 with a $100 mail-in-rebate.

Samsung Admire Available on MetroPCS Today

There's a cute little reddish device (or whatever color you end up wanting to get it in, of course,) available on MetroPCS today, one made by Samsung and running Android 2.3 Gingerbread. This device is a perfect mid-range device for all your back-to-school student needs, the newest Android experience on a middle of the road screen, size, and processor, and carried by everybody's favorite Wireless for All carrier MetroPCS.

Samsung Admire Headed to MetroPCS

The Samsung Admire is heading to MetroPCS this school season and should hit shelves just in time for back to school shoppers. We first saw and spied on this device in early July and it was running some Android 2.3 Gingerbread. This should make for a perfect back to school mid-range phone for friends and family.

Android Community Daily News Round-Up

Today has been a busy one in the world of Android but I know you don't all have time to look through all the posts and forums so this is a little round-up just for you. I'll mention a few articles and link to them for your convenience. Lets start with SwiftKey X as it just launched on the market today and is available for both phones and tablets (not just Honeycomb either). They are offering both versions for a discount and only $1.99 til Saturday so hurry and get it while its hot (and cheap).

MetroPCS Lands LG Bryce as Next 4G LTE Phone

MetroPCS is aiming to expand and capitalize on the ever growing demand for 4G in this mobile revolution of ours. And they appear to be adding to their lineup with what is being called the LG Bryce for now. This phone looks to be basically a spin off of the LG Revolution 4G LTE packing phone currently on Verizon. A few small changes are noticeable but otherwise they look the same.

PCMag goes Hands-On with the Huawei Glory – Inexpensive Gingerbread Superphone

This is one of those times when you should get excited about an oddity. You know good and well, if you've been following along diligently, that yours truly loves the oddness, and when that oddness comes out arms swinging with a 4-inch 854x480 pixel resolution display, 8-megapixel camera, and Android 2.3 Gingerbread in tow, it's time to report. What this device is known as is the Huawei M886 aka Cricket Glory or Huawei Glory. From now on let's just call it Glory. It's got a 1.4-Ghz single-core processor and it'll cost you under $300 pre-paid. Sound like the deal for you?

Samsung Galaxy Indulge Promo video with Snoop Dogg & Warren G: Episode 2

Well, whether you all liked it or not, Samsung and MetroPCS are at it again with Episode 2 of the G-Connection with Snoop Dogg & Warren G video. For all the information on how this got started, and a in-depth look at the all-star cast feel free to check out the first video here. My favorite part of the entire video is that Ted Williams, the man with the "Golden Voice" is back on stage doing what he loves. If somehow you missed that, here's the original Golden Voice clip.
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