BBM will soon be a pre-installed app on select Android devices

It seems BlackBerry is going to go the preinstalled route with BBM. Coming by way of a recently issued press release, BlackBerry has said the BBM messaging app will "soon come preinstalled on a variety of Android based smartphones from leading OEMs." The key here though, more than the OEMs, having BBM preinstalled will be more dependent on the market.

Samsung ChatON update integrates SMS and MMS messaging

Samsung has rolled out the latest update for ChatON, which after looking at the "what's new" section of the Play Store listing, this appears to be in response to the recent Hangouts update. Basically, that is to say Samsung ChatON now integrates with text and picture messaging. And similar to what many have become familiar with from the Hangouts update, ChatON users will see a combined message and chat list.
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