Viber sold for $900 million to Rakuten

In a move to round out their digital media options, Rakuten has purchased Viber. The $900 million selling price now keeps Viber neatly in the fold with Kobo, Viki, and Viber is already a popular standalone service, but Rakuten has bigger aspirations.

Snapchat’s new security system thwarted in 30 minutes

In the wake of various security concerns, Snapchat created their own type of CAPTCHA. Rather than ask for a phrase to be used, theirs asks that we find their ghost mascot. It’s fun, and sounds like a pretty decent security feature. One Developer has cracked Snapchat’s new security puzzle, and did so in the time it takes to watch a SitCom.

Backchat is a fun messaging platform with serious undertones

If you think you’re secure in your online privacy, you’re probably not. While the slew of NSA leaks and revelations have opened our eyes to online security, one app is having a bit of fun with it. Backchat is an interesting game/messaging platform that entices you to guess who you’re speaking to — if you can.

Talon for Twitter and EvolveSMS arrive from Klinker Apps

Klinker Apps, the makers of the Sliding Messaging app have dropped two new additions in the Google Play Store this morning. One of the apps is for Twitter and the other for text messaging. The apps are called Talon for Twitter and EvolveSMS, with the former being $1.99 and the latter being free of charge. Both are sitting at version 1.0 and with support for devices running Android 4.0 or later.

Google patent wants to turn your conversations into comic relief

Riding on the popularity of comic strip generating services like Bitstrip and the wealth of funny conversations running amok over the Internet, Google has filed for a patent that practically combines the two trends into one. This patent will try to turn those priceless exchanges into comic strips for sharing with friends, family, and complete strangers.
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