Instagram gets more ‘direct’ features, threaded messages and sharing

In 2013, the Instagram app got private messaging in the form of the “Direct” feature. To give ample flourish to an already eventful past few weeks for the ubiquitous photo sharing app – a period of time where the Instagram team threw out the iconic “square only” requirement for photos and accepted landscape and full portrait images – we get more subtle features that make private messaging on the app much more meaningful. These features include threaded messages, group messages, and sending pictures from your feed directly to private messaging.

LINE Lite now available in other regions, countries

If you feel like you need a semblance of space on your device or if your data is not that fast enough anyways to get the impact of the full version, then LNE Light version may just be for you. Today they announced that the light version of the highly popular messaging app, not just in areas where Internet infrastructure isn’t that great, but in all countries in the world, except for a few countries and regions for one reason or another.

Google finally gives Hangouts its own webpage

The battle of the free messaging apps has received another interesting turn of events. While Viber, WhatsApp, Snapchat, LINE, etc have been making lots of updates and adding new features, Google would like to tell you that their own messaging app isn’t giving up just yet. In fact, with this latest move, they might even be giving the frontrunners a huge scare. That’s because Hangouts has now received its own webpage, away from Gmail or Google+.

140-character limit on Twitter DM is now officially gone

Last June, Twitter announced that they are removing the 140-character limit on Direct Messages as part of their continuing improvement to that private aspect of the micro-blogging network. Initially, this was supposed to have materialized last month, but for one reason or another, it never did push through. But now, they have officially announced that the character limit has indeed been removed so now you can have long conversations with your friends or even just people you met over Twitter.

Send hands-free messages to Viber, WeChat by OK Googling

Sometimes it’s due to laziness, but sometimes it’s also because of necessity. Sending messages to colleagues or loved ones without necessarily typing something out has become not just a luxury, but almost a requirement. With the power of two words, “Ok Google” we are now able to send messages, even without lifting a finger. You can use this messaging option on some of the most popular apps like Vibe, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.

LINE Lite: lightweight version of the app, released in 11 countries

When you’re enjoying an app but the network infrastructure where you are is not that advanced yet, it affects the app’s performance, no matter how great it is. Popular messaging app LINE understands this very well, with its rich user multi media experience but connectivity heavy app. So now they’re releasing a LINE Lite version, initially available in 11 countries where the Internet isn’t that great, and where lower-end devices are all the rage.

Truemessenger helps you weed out unwanted SMS on your smartphone

If you've come to the point where you receive more spam messages on your phone than actual messages from your friends, then it's either you need to get more friends or unsolicited SMS are really getting out of control. If it's the former, you might need to go out more to have a social life and we can't help you with that (there are apps that can though)If it's the latter, there is a new solution that's out there in the market and it's called Truemessenger.

Telegram 3.0 now offers Bot API, platform for developers

While the numbers game (meaning users and advertisers probably) is being fought among more popular messenger apps like Viber, WhatsApp, LINE, and Messenger among others, there is one app that may be smaller than them but has a more innovative and open approach for the market. Telegram recently allowed users to create their own stickers, and now developers can actually create their own bots using the API and platform that they're offering for third-party creators.

LINE introduces new group calling app Popcorn Buzz

Have you ever wished you could have a free group call with around 200 people invited to that call? Okay, maybe not 200 exactly, but definitely more than just two people talking and it has to be free. LINE is adding another product to its app portfolio by releasing Popcorn Buzz which lets you do all these things, including the aforementioned 200 people in the call, if for some reason you'd want to do that.

Send messages through voice with Touchless Chat Android app

While digital voice assistants can do a lot of things already, sometimes, you'd want them to just do a basic function, like messaging. Fortunately, you have apps that can do that for you now. One of the "smartest" in the market is called Touchless Chat, and based on its name, you already know what it's all about. Using the power of voice commands, you'll be able to initiate sending messages from Google Now or through a widget, all without touching your device.
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