AT&T Claims they only need $3.8 Billion to rollout 4G LTE, Not T-Mobile

This entire story is just a bit odd but after reading over a few details I just had to write it up. Basically AT&T isn't helping their case one bit regarding the AT&T T-Mobile merger. Apparently a statement was spotted in the FCC filing that had a portion redacted by AT&T and now we look over things it just doesn't make any sense.

T-Mobile vs AT&T Senate hearing going on Live!

It looks like things are starting to heat up with the T-Mobile and AT&T merger we have all been hearing so much about. Even the FCC was looking for users opinions and thoughts. Right now there is currently a senate hearing going on regarding all aspects of the AT&T / T-Mobile merger and it is streaming live. AT&T even said that T-Mobile is not a competitor, they only see Verizon as one.

FCC wants your input on the AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

With the upcoming $39 Billion AT&T/T-Mobile USA merger, it's quite understandable that users of both networks are concerned how it will affect them. The FCC is concerned as well and has started a new commentary portal for users concerned with the mega merger. Users can go to the FCC ECFS Site here, and look for proceeding number 11-65 with the title “In the Matter of applications of AT&T Inc. and Deutsche Telekom AG for consent to assign or Transfer Control of licenses and Authorizations. ” Then you can fill out the form and follow the prompts to have your voice heard.

T-Mobile assures customers, answers questions about the merger

T-Mobile has come out with assurances that customers of both AT&T and T-Mobile will see improved performance and more widespread 4G LTE deployment with the merger of both companies. C.O.O. Jim Alling explains that merging both companies allows for deployment of a "robust" 4G LTE network to 95% of the US population. Without the merger, neither company could accomplish this goal within the same time-frame. Alling also promises improved voice and data performance almost immediately after the networks are integrated.

Sprint officially opposed AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

Sprint has made it official that it plans to challenge the FCC over the sale of T-Mobile USA to AT&T for a reported $39 Billion. According to the press release, Sprint's position is that the sale will reduce competition, limit innovation, and end up hurting consumers. Those are all the usual complaints that come from from a rival company when one of their competitors gets swallowed up by another. But if that's the case, why isn't making exclusive deals and locking down cellphones anti competitive as well?

AT&T/T-Mobile Merger, what it means

Consumer Reports has an interesting breakdown of how the AT&T purchase of T-Mobile USA will affect subscribers of both wireless services. In the breakdown, they list five areas which, for good or bad, will be of interest to customers including overall service, price rates, how it will affect Sprint, network coverage and if the deal with be approved by the FCC or not. The consensus is, that T-Mobile customers will see a price hike, being that the Get More network has one of the lowest pricing schemes amount the major wireless providers. But the downside is that customer satisfaction for T-Mobile customers may take a huge dip since Consumer Reports considers AT&T to be amongst the worst companies in that rating. By contrast, we reported that JD Power found the opposite to be true. So depending on who you're with, you'll be disappointed or elated. What are the other factors at play?

AT&T: T-Mobile customers will need new handsets

In a quote from an AT&T statement, it is being reported that T-Mobile users will have to get new phones in order to take part in AT&Ts 4G plans. This could largely be due to AT&T planning to transition all T-Mobile towers to a 4G network. This could be good, it could be bad. Good for middle customers who would like to get a new 4G phone but are stuck with another year or two on their contracts, bad in that it means people will have to lay out more money to pick up an AT&T handset and get locked into yet another two years with Ma Bell.
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