AT&T blames FCC for T-Mobile layoffs

Out from the camps at AT&T are a few red hot comments regarding the recent T-Mobile layoffs. In case you missed the news T-Mobile will be closing 7 call centers and over 3,000 employee's will be out of a job. Today AT&T has made a few comments on the matter basically blaming the government and the FCC for the layoffs. More details after the break.

Google’s Motorola acquisition suffers investigation setbacks in China

During the month of February the Google Motorola deal was looking quite promising. The European Union and the US both signed off on the acquisition and gave Google the green light. The only hurdle remains in China and it appears they are having a bit of trouble. Now we are hearing China is continuing another investigation before giving them the okay.

T-Mobile expands 4G rollout, talks about LTE in 2013

Now that the T-Mobile AT&T merger has been terminated they are looking ahead to 2013 and trying hard to get back on track. Last month they announced their plans to rollout a 4G LTE network similar to the current offerings from Verizon and AT&T, and today they've detailed more cities getting HSPA+ 4G starting today -- and their plans for the future.

Motorola strategy won’t change after Google acquisition, says executive

Hoping for a brand new Motorola after it's done being bought out by Google? You're not alone. Take comfort in that, because you'll have good company for commiserating: Motorola vice president of product management and portfolio Alain Mutricy told Fierce Wireless that the company won't make any big changes after the acquisition. This mirrors statements from Google itself, which has indicated that it's mostly interested in Motorola's extensive patent portfolio, and intends to allow it to continue operating as a separate entity.

Google to replace Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha with one of their own

News reports are just hitting the wires that Google will be replacing the CEO of Motorola Mobility once the merger is completed. Big news as many wonder how and if things will change once Google takes charge of one of the biggest hardware manufacturers and patent holders in the mobile market. According to Bloomberg they'll be replacing the CEO with one of their own. Who is ready for that fully opened and unlocked Motorola DROID Nexus coming this September with Android 5.0 Jelly Bean?

Google Motorola deal also gets approval from US Department of Justice

We knew this news was coming today, and I'm sure most of you did also. Shortly after hearing the EU approved the Google Motorola buyout this morning, we now have confirmation that the US Department of Justice has too. Giving their seal of approval for the buyout of Motorola Mobility and all their patents to Google.

Google and Motorola deal will learn its fate February 13th

In case anyone missed it, Google recently purchased Motorola Mobility for a whopping $12.5 billion. Obviously the acquisition hasn't been finalized yet and will need to go through a vigorous process before anything is official. Just like the AT&T T-Mobile merger these things take time -- and don't always work out. According to Reuters the EU Commission will decide their fate on February 13th after it was initially pushed back from the original date in January.

AT&T and T-Mobile call it quits — won’t be merging after all

AT&T has just issued a statement today outlining what many probably already saw coming. And that is that they have decided to call it quits and end the bid for a T-Mobile buyout. This was by far one of the biggest corporate deals this year, especially in the mobile industry but at the moment it appears to be dead in the water -- and for good. More details and the official statement are below.
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