T-Mobile vs AT&T Senate hearing going on Live!

It looks like things are starting to heat up with the T-Mobile and AT&T merger we have all been hearing so much about. Even the FCC was looking for users opinions and thoughts. Right now there is currently a senate hearing going on regarding all aspects of the AT&T / T-Mobile merger and it is streaming live. AT&T even said that T-Mobile is not a competitor, they only see Verizon as one.

HTC Merge at FCC, Verizon Branded, Still CDMA World Capable

This is the HTC Merge, a CDMA world phone that's got a lovely slide-out QWERTY keyboard and a healthy dose of Android on board. It's found its way to an FCC review now, carrying with it the Verizon tag meaning that it will be at least one of the carriers allowed to work with the handset in the near future. Another CDMA world phone offered by Verizon is the Blackberry pwning Motorola Droid Pro, a phone we used constantly whilst rolling through Mobile World Congress 2011 due to its global abilities and sweet big face with tiny keyboard below - would we rather be rolling with a big fat flip-out landscape keyboard such as this? You can bet on it.

HTC Merge Officially Announced

We've all seen it, it's been leaked more than a few times. Now it's official, HTC has just announced the HTC Merge. They have announced it as a Beautiful, Powerful, and Feature-Rich device coming to "multiple" North American carriers starting in Spring 2011. We have known about this phone for a while now and I'm sure many are eager to get some hands on with it. After all it looks to be HTC's answer to the Motorola Droid Verizon was so successful with.

HTC Merge Appears Again, Heading to Alltel

We first heard about the HTC Merge (formally the HTC Lexikon) all the way back in September. Since then there have been a few leaks like it appearing on Verizon's website and then, just like that, it completely disappeared. Well now after it has been apparently scrapped by Verizon, it has shown up featuring Alltel branding. The HTC device featuring a full QWERTY keyboard was met with much excitement before it disappeared. Rumored to be one of the first World Phones, then was delayed to utilize LTE, the Merge is not even coming to Verizon for reasons unknown. Even though it will not be introduced to the masses on Big Red, it sure brings Alltel's Android linup up to par with other carriers. Will you be picking one up, is the Alltel vs. Verizon a big factor for you with this QWERTY HTC? [Via Droid-Life]

HTC Merge Spotted Entrepreneur Magazine

The still unannounced HTC Merge has made an appearance in the latest Entrepreneur Magazine. In its 2-page spread it's being described as a work phone that's updated for your life, and can do everything your old phone couldn't do.

HTC Merge Accessories Appear in Stores, Still No Phone

In what seems to be a common occurrence in smartphone launches, in which accessories appear in stores before some devices are even announced. Following the trend, the HTC Merge has just had a case appear in stores, but we are still in the dark of any launch plans for the device.

HTC Droid Merge Coming to Verizon Thursday

Verizon is preparing for the launch of the HTC DROID Merge later this week. This is the same phone in which we have heard so much about on the internet, but so little from Verizon. The Merge will be Verizon's first HTC Android phone that includes a physical keyboard, which is making it look to be a really impressive and popular device for the coming holiday season.

HTC Merge Early Hands On [Video]

The HTC Merge, which still has not been officially announced for Verizon Wireless, has been caught on video. This time, AndroidCentral has gotten some personal time with the device and did a quick walkthrough of the hardware and the software of the device.

HTC Merge/Lexikon poses for more leaked photos

Just a few days after the HTC Merge/Lexikon’s user guide hit the web, more photos of the visually impressive device have hit the web. While details are still scarce we know that the phone will be sporting a 800MHz chip and will be global ready.

HTC Merge/Lexikon User Guide hits the web

The upcoming HTC Merge/Lexikon’s user guide has hit the web, bringing with it a lot of previously unconfirmed details. We now know that the phone, as expected, has global radios, Android 2.2, and a slide-out keyboard. Further rumors point to this not being included in the exclusive “DROID” family, it was under consideration, but since then it has been scrapped. You can also notice from the additional pages from the user guide below that Bing is very heavily integrated with this phone. This will definitely be one of Verizon’s Android featuring Bing phones that we have heard so much about over the past few days. [gallery columns="2"] [Via Droid-Life]
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