Meizu M9

Meizu schedules ICS update for MX and M9 in June

Meizu, the little Chinese phone manufacturer that could, is still basking from the PR glow of its MX Quad-core announcement. But they want to make sure that owners of the older MX and M9 phones don't feel left out of the party. In a press release today, they stated that both phones will be getting the same version of Android 4.0 software as the MX Quad-core. Well, sort of: they're both getting "Flyme OS 1.0", Meizu's skinned version of Ice Cream Sandwich.

Meizu M9 and MX will receive update to Ice Cream Sandwich

While I'm sure the news for all things Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich will keep coming in over the next few months, we are now getting confirmation from another company, Meizu, that their line of smartphones will be updated to the latest and greatest. Earlier this week Meizu CEO Jack Wong casually mentioned on their forums that many of their top devices will receive updates to ICS.

Meizu M9 (iPhone Clone) ROM ported to HTC EVO 4G

It's come to my attention that quite a few people didn't quite know what the Meizu M9 was, first of all, so lemme quick explain it. It's a Chinese phone that's basically a clone of the iPhone, but made with an Android OS. Simple, right? Here's where it gets weird. Now that clone has been re-cloned (at least its insides) into a ROM and has been ported to the HTC EVO 4G. Why would someone do that? Because they COULD do that, that's why.

Massive Lines Form as Meizu Launches M9 Android Froyo Phone

Holy crap! This is a sign. A sign that THIS is the year Android takes over the world. Yesterday, January 1st, Meizu launched their latest handset in China: the M9 Android phone, with a 1GHz processor, display extremely similar to iPhone 4, and working on 2.2 Froyo. Apparently even though this was the first day of the year, and just like basically everywhere else in the world is a public holiday, people lined up starting at 8PM the night before - celebrating the new year in line for an Android phone! These lines formed at two Meizu stores in Shenzhen, China and formed in the cold (it's cold there too!) despite the CEO of Meizu Jack Wong discouraging them from doing so since, as he said, "all the flagship stores will have sufficient stock" for pre-orderers. Antsy customers!

Meizu M9 to Feature 1GHz Processor and Display Similar to the iPhone 4’s

There's no question that Meizu, the Chinese-based company, likes to emulate Apple's iPhone. They do it in such a way, though, that legal action has never been taken against the company. This is helped with the inclusion of Android as the Operating System of choice, along with the company's utilization of an original User Interface. But, that's not stopping the physical aspects of the device pulling down ideas from the Cupertino-based company.