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Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 released in South Korea

After launching a larger Galaxy Player 4.0 and 5.0 last year in South Korea and eventually other markets Samsung is back and have just launched a new size in their homeland. This is the Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 personal music player. If you thought PMP's were dead now that everyone uses smartphones think again -- because the iPod is still selling well and Samsung has done pretty good with these too.

Can Android compete with the iPod Touch, and does it need to?

Earlier this week we reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0, an Android device with the iPod Touch squarely in its crosshairs. It's not the first, either: Samsung, Archos and innumerable smaller companies have released phone-sized Android devices designed primarily for media and app consumption, just like the Apple device. So far, they've failed to make a dent in the low-cost, high-function section of the market.

Sony Walkman Z announced, 4.3″ Tegra 2 dual-core media player [Video]

Sony is aiming to take back the reigns of the Walkman brand with the release of the new Walkman Z. While we've heard plenty about Walkman's with Android this is real and finally here and it's a powerful dual-core personal media player powered by Android. We have full details and pictures as well as a hands-on video below for everyone to check out.

Android-based Cowon D3 PMP/MID shipping today

It was only a few days ago that Cowon's D3 PMP went up for pre-order, and now it's already shipping. Earlier than expected, the 3.7-inch AMOLED media player is on sale in both the UK and the US, with its JetEffect 3.0 tuning courtesy of Cowon's own CEO, Namkyu "Golden Ears" Park. Advanced MP3 Players are listing all three versions: 8GB for £219, 16GB for £239 or 32GB for £279; US shoppers can pick up the 32GB version through Amazon for $369.99 [via SlashGear]

HSTi Wireless Media Stick funnels content from Android to your HDTV, more

HSTi is promising to make streaming content between your Android smartphone and an HDTV, digital photo frame or another media player straightforward, with their Wireless Media Stick. The USB stick and the companion Wireless Media Stick Android mobile App funnel photos, videos and music from your phone to the media player, with the stick presenting the content as if it were locally stored. Because of that, even non-network-aware devices, such as older TVs, can use the system, just as long as they can access files stored on a USB drive. The HSTi Wireless Media Stick is available now, priced at $119.99, while the app will be released later this month. Press Release:
Wireless Media Stick™ – the perfect accessory for the Android™ life January 2, 2010, Las Vegas, NV – HSTi announces the Wireless Media Stick™, a game changing accessory that sets Android™-based phones apart from their competition, and will change the way people enjoy media files like movies, home videos, music and photos. Exclusively at the CES 2011, HSTi will unveil the Wireless Media Stick Android™ mobile App that allows the Wireless Media Stick™ to now stream your stored movies, videos, music, and photos, from any Android™-based Smart Phone and Tablet, to your favourite media player without interrupting the use or functionality of the phone. Turn your Android™ Smart Phone into a media hub, for complete entertainment portability. Small enough to fit in your pocket, the Wireless Media Stick™ combined with the Wireless Media Stick mobile App, makes the perfect accessory for an Android™ Smart Phone or Tablet. Based on HSTi’s proprietary and patented technology, the Wireless Media Stick™ is able to deliver to playback devices the files stored in a PC, Mac and NAS device, and also files from your Android™ phone and Tablet’s internal storage. Not only is the phone portable, but so is the Wireless Media Stick™. Plug it into your HDTV and watch a movie, or plug it into the stereo in your bedroom to play your favourite tunes, then go to your friend’s house and plug it into their PS3 to share pictures from your party, all without having to set up the stick again. Attaching to a wireless router, or your Smart Phone’s or Tablet’s built in Wi-Fi Access Point, the Wireless Media Stick™ basically acts as a wireless bridge that plugs into the USB playback ports on media players, game consoles or set top boxes like, a TV, PS3™, Xbox™, DVD/Blu-ray™ player, WD TV™, O!Play, Google TV™, etc and presents the shared files from the Smart Phone and Tablet. The media player reads the file as if it was stored inside the Wireless Media Stick™, but the file resides in the original location. When the user instructs the media player to playback the file, the file is streamed from the original location, wirelessly. The Wireless Media Stick™ is a self contained solution that is easy to setup and use and does not require networked media players for it to work. Plug the Wireless Media Stick™ to a non-networked digital picture frame or even a three-year old DVD player, and stream files from your phone to that device for playback. You can even share or backup documents and files stored in your Smart Phone or Tablet by plugging the Wireless Media Stick™ into the USB port of a computer. The possibilities are endless. “We all create memories, and document our experiences with our Smart Phones. They do a great job of consolidating our lives into one device. But when it comes to sharing it back from our phone, options are limited,” says Ramesh Uppal, HSTi President and CEO. “People want to share their experiences, whether its photos or videos from a trip, or just music selections. The Wireless Media Stick™ is the natural extension of their Smart Phone or Tablet making it a must-have accessory for everyday life.” Unlike other streaming devices that are dedicated or tie up the devices they serve, the Wireless Media Stick™ lets you continue to use your computer, Smart Phone or Tablet, without interrupting your media streaming. Continue to make phone calls, check email, or post on your social media sites, while enjoying your streamed movies, music or photos. The Wireless Media Stick™ is available today in various retail outlets and at The Wireless Media Stick Android™ App will be available on the Android™ Market at the end of January.

Samsung Galaxy Player hits Amazon pre-order: Jan 7 2011 UK release

Samsung's Galaxy Player has shown up for pre-order at Amazon UK. The Android PMP is listed in 8GB and 16GB versions, and according to the retailer will ship on January 7 2011. Although the Galaxy Player lacks 3G, instead having Bluetooth and WiFi b/g/n, it still has Android Market access. There's a 3.2-inch touchscreen and microSD card slot, along with GPS and a camera, together with Samsung's AllShare DLNA app and up to 25hrs audio playback or 5hrs video playback.
The Galaxy Player 50 creates a fast and exciting multimedia experience that fully utilizes the Android OS. With over 70,000 applications to choose from, the Galaxy Player 50 is a versatile way to organise your life and increase your productivity. Easy, fast and fun- the Galaxy player 50 offers it all. The Galaxy Player 50 takes advantage of an intuitive Android Platform that guarantees the widest, most diversified, and responsive mobile platform experience. The Galaxy player 50 features include: Diversified experience with GPS and camera Smart Alarm- Your good morning begins when you wake up to the sound of nature and a sense of dawn breaking to ease you into a new day. Daily Briefing- This is your own personal secretary, organizing and updating your information daily. You can check today’s weather, latest stock market, headline news and find out your schedule of the day, like a brief all on the single screen. Calendar and Email- When you're out, Galaxy player 50 makes you manage your schedule with calendar, and you can check and write emails in Wi-Fi area. Memo & Voice Recording- Memo and voice feature allows you to memo and send it easily. You can input text or record a meeting and send and share it with your friends easily by email. Social Network – You can talk with friends on Google Talk and if you want to install another SNS application, just download in Android Market. Google Maps Navigation- Before you make your way, Galaxy Player 50’s pre-installed navigation by Google maps with voice command provides road information like real street view, traffic situation and satellite view. Enjoy Music – It takes 1 or 2 hours to commute everyday. On the street, background music comes from Galaxy player 50. Watch Video- Just drag and play videos, no need to convert. (Support full media codec’s) ThinkFree- To review your report, you’ll organize documents by using the ThinkFree application. You can modify and edit work without the use of a laptop. Samsung remote controller- Sometimes it’s really hard to find a remote controller when you want to watch TV. With Galaxy player you can use it like a remote controller for Samsung internet enabled TV. Allshare via DNLA – When downloading movies on Galaxy Player, connect allshare via DNLA to the television. With allshare you don’t need to connect up to the TV with multiple cords.
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Samsung Froyo-based Galaxy Player PMP due at CES 2011

Samsung is planning on bringing a PMP-only version of its Galaxy S smartphone to CES 2011, with the 4-inch media-player having roughly the same specifications as the phone aside from no cellular connectivity. According to Samsung Hub, the Samsung Galaxy Player YP-GB1 runs Android 2.2 Froyo on a Super LCD display, and has WiFi b/g/n and Bluetooth 3.0. There's also T-DMB, SoundAlive audio-enhancing DSP and a 3.2-megapixel rear camera, along with a front-facing camera for video calls. It also gets Android Market access, despite not having 3G, along with Samsung's own appstore, and there's a microSD card slot and GPS. We're guessing there'll be more details, such as pricing, early next year. [via Gizmodo]
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