HTC Incredible HD AKA HTC Mecha Pictured?

A leaked shot of the bezel of an upcoming HTC device, along with another of the back camera with dual-LED flash, has just been tipped to SlashGear. It has been suggested that this is indeed the HTC Incredible HD (HTC Mecha) which means that it will be an upcoming Android-based 4G LTE device.

HTC LTE handsets coming H2 2011, Mecha anyone?

We all know LTE 4G service is going to be a big deal as the new network is already being rolled out by Verizon in a few key markets. With the networks available, what the market needs now is a lot of handsets and you can bet that those are on the way. HTC's Peter Chow has offered up a timeline for the HTC LTE packing smartphones.