Hisense H6 Smart TV and Pulse PRO set top box run Google Service for TV

A lot of people might be going crazy over Google Chromecast, but many more would still prefer more conventional appliances for their entertainment needs. For those kind of people, Hisense offers two new alternatives in the form of a Smart TV and a set top box, both of which give users access to Google's ecosystem via Google Services for Smart TVs, the fancy new name for Google TV.

LG, Samsung and Vizio will all release Google TV hardware this year

We've been saying that Google TV needs a lot more partners if it's going to make it and boy howdy, Google's come through. In a post on the official Google TV blog, they've announced a series of new hardware partners including some very familiar names, like LG, Samsung and Vizio, all of whom will release Google TV powered devices sometime in 2012. Chipset makers Marvell and MediaTek were also announced, as well as the sole returning Google TV manufacturer, Sony.

Google TV switches from Intel to ARM amid low sales

The saga of Google TV has been something like a ballad of lament over the last few months, with Logitech abandoning the platform completely and interest drying up after the Honeycomb update. There are probably some considerable changes for Google TV coming in 2012, but one of the biggest has just been announced: future hardware will be built on ARM-based chips, like most Android smartphones and tablets. Previously Logitech and Sony's designs were based on an Intel x86 reference.

Marvell Presents Kinoma – Complete Cross Platform Functionality for Every Mobile OS

Have you ever sat there in the airport with your Android device, full internet access and everything, having a drink or a terrible pastry, just cursing the fact that Android doesn't have that one perfect app you saw the other day on an Apple machine? Or perhaps it's the other way around, you've seen the fabulous freewheeling things Android can do with their wild apps and you wish you could do it. Or maybe you're on a Windows phone and don't have either, or better yet, you're using Symbian! What should you do, what CAN you do? Marvell has the answer. An answer that might very well shape the future of mobile OS, believe it or not.

SlashGear Hands-on with Marvell Android Tablet ARMADA 628

This ARMADA 600-based Android tablet reference design by Marvell is being showed off in order to make way for a bunch of Marvell branded products capable of using 1080p chipsets that'll be launched at CES 2011. The demo pad our people at SlashGear have their hands on is a 10.1-inch 1280 x 720 capacitive touchscreen and it runs Android 2.2 (Froyo.) Chris Davies notes that this device was up and running only only its own display, but an external HDTV over HDMI as well!

Marvell’s 10-inch Android tablet

Engadget was lucky enough to spend a little quality time with this ultra sleek Android tablet from Marvell. It has a brushed metal case and a front facing camera. Marvell had this beautiful netbook on display at the Netbook Summit.