Fight for (or as) Stan Lee in new Android game Hero Command

For legions of comic book fans, young and old, Stan Lee is a god, having brought to life iconic characters in the Marvel Universe. And for non-comic book fans, he is simply that guy who seems to show up for a few seconds and make people in the theaters gasp (again, the comic book fans) in every Marvel movie. But now he's taking on the role of a sort of superhero in the new Android game called Stan Lee's Hero Command.

Samsung announces limited edition Iron Man Galaxy S6 edge

The Avengers-themed accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S6 have rolled out last week but the South Korean tech giant isn't done yet making Marvel geeks excited. Why, the company just launched the Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man Limited Edition. Samsung partnered with Marvel and the results are just marvelous: this Iron Man S6 edge and the Avengers phone case plus the Capt. America's Shield wireless charger. If you're not satisfied with only the Iron Man, Hulk, Capt. America or Thor accessories for the S6, then you might want to consider the Iron Man S6 edge.

Samsung Galaxy S6 accessories Avengers rolling out this week

What better way to market your flagship phone than taking advantage of the latest movie 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron'. The Avengers phone cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6 series were shown off last week but the Galaxy Note 4 Avengers cases were even made available earlier and we got excited with the Galaxy S6 Iron Man version. These are official accessories from Samsung marked with Marvel's latest moneymakers: Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk and Thor. Sorry, I don't see any Hawk Eye or Black Widow but there's a Captain America’s Shield themed wireless charger.

Avengers-themed Samsung Galaxy S6 accessories now available

As the Avengers: Age of Ultron continue to break box-office records, fans will continue to look for movie tie-in merchandise. Last week we got Avengers-themed cases for the Galaxy Note 4, and of course you would expect nothing less for their new flagship, the Galaxy S6. Samsung has now announced that yes, the new smartphones are getting their own Marvel character cases, with a surprise accessory thrown into the mix.

Avengers-themed cases free for Galaxy Note 4 purchase (US only)

Not surprisingly, the second Avengers movie topped box-office charts everywhere. And you cannot escape the barrage of Avengers-related articles, talk show guestings, interviews, even musical numbers. Now if you're a huge fan of the MCU (that's Marvel Cinematic Universe for the uninitiated), then you want to get your hands on any related merchandise. Samsung is banking on this partnership, as US residents will get Avengers-themed cases (yes, plural) for every purchase of a new Galaxy Note 4 (until supplies last though).

Samsung Galaxy S6 ‘Iron Man’ version to come out soon

Some are already touting the Samsung Galaxy S6 as the “best phone of 2015”, and there’s good reason behind that. Now it seems like Samsung is confident enough in its flagship device to play around with the marketing of the Samsung Galaxy S6. As soon as this month – or as soon as Samsung ties down the details of the deal with Marvel – an “Iron Man” version of the Galaxy S6 will be coming out.

Your favorite athletes (and two fans too!) are the new Samsung Avengers

When a red-hot brand new smartphone, an upcoming movie that is sure to break box-office records, your favorite athletes from various fields and two newcomers come together, what will you end up with? Apparently, you'll get a brand new brand tie-up with Samsung and Marvel bringing you the Samsung Avengers video series called Assemble (Part 1). This is a pretty nifty marketing gimmick to promote not just the movie (which probably doesn't need any more promotion) but also the newly released flagship devices, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge.

Marvel Mighty Heroes hands-on: a game with too many twists

Given the recent rash of popularity of Marvel's myriad franchises, you can't blame one of the biggest names in the comics industry from trying to squeeze every last dollar from those. We've already seen a lot of Marvel games on Google Play Store, some made by Marvel and some in partnership with game studios. For Mighty Heroes, Marvel decided to go with one of the biggest names in mobile gaming, DeNA. The result? A game that follows the tropes of conventional mobile games but with just enough twists to keep it interesting, at least for a while.

Two new Marvel games up for soft launch, will soon be available

As the Age of Ultron slowly nears… ok, that sounded a tad too cinematic. Let’s try again. As the month of May slowly approaches and Marvel fans all over the world are gearing up for what should be a fun ride with Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, Marvel is keen to stoke the fires with two new games – Marvel Mighty Heroes and Marvel Future Fight. Both are on soft launch at the moment and are not available in the US yet, but should soon be.

Marvel Might Heroes co-op game inbound, pre-registration live

Marvel is once again coming out with a new brawling mobile game, but it will be doing things quite differently this time. It has found a new game developer partner in DeNA and this time, you won't be bashing heads alone. Marvel Mighty Heroes is primarily a cooperative multiplayer game, though there is said to be a single player campaign also. And unlike Kabam's Contest of Champions, this DeNA game features a distinct artistic style that may not appeal to every true believers.
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