Lenovo putting emphasis on the mobile industry

Lenovo, which has been working non-stop to popularize its laptop range (which currently takes up 80% of their total sales) is currently seeking other ways to broaden its financial horizons. The most popular idea for profit within the company has been a serious expansion and push into their mobile side. So that's exactly what they're going to begin doing, as of now.

How Does a 95% Profit Cut for your Android App Sound, Mister Developer?

So you've developed an app for Android and you don't know what step is next. Perhaps you've registered for the Android Marketplace but you can't quite bring yourself to hit the button that'd release your app into the wild through this Google-sanctioned marketplace. What are your options? Well you can choose a different app distribution point for one, or you could sell the app yourself if you like. Which option is best? How about the one that gives you a 95% profit cut of whatever your app brings in for sales? Sounds pretty good to us.

More details surface on Amazon’s Android App Store via Distribution Agreement leak

While Amazon still has not made an official word of their plans stepping into the Application Market, an App Store Distribution Agreement has been sent out. The terms and conditions are pretty thorough and similar to what we heard a few days back. Among them, the royalties for app placement in the store is “equal to the greater of (i) 70% of the purchase price or (ii) 20% of the List Price.”

Amazon also considering it’s own Android App Store

Similar to Verizon’s bold move it looks as it Amazon may be considering to launch it’s on App store on Android devices. To compete with Google’s own, and Verizon’s VCAST app store the Amazon app store will offer some perks to developers as well. The online retailer will allegedly pay a royalty “equal to the greater of 70 percent of the purchase price or 20 percent of the List Price.” This “List Price” is said to help protect Amazon against the developers offering their apps for cheaper on the other markets.

Angry Birds Available In The Marketplace

So we knew it was coming, but now it is official. Tap on over to the Marketplace on your Android equipped phone and search for Angry Birds. You will be busy all night playing this addictive game if you are a fan. We do have to say, we installed it on our Nexus One and it ran and looked just as expected. The graphics were very crisp and clear and the game play was right on par. Keep the good games coming for Android. Download Link If you can't see Angry Birds in the Market, you can head over HERE to get the APK to side load it. [gallery] Added To The Marketplace, Another Android Streaming Option

There are several options to live stream on your Android device and one more is added now also. a familiar streaming service, now has a free application live in the Marketplace that will allow you to stream from you Android device. It requires an Android device that is running 1.6 and up (which is a surprise these days) and will work over both 3G and Wi-Fi connections.

T-Mobile Launches Device Tune-up Beta

T-Mobile has just released Device Tune-up for open beta testing. This is a new feature in the My Accounts app from T-Mobile. It’s essentially a task killer that aims to improve on your phones performance and it should help your battery last longer by killing apps that run in the background.

Car Locator Android App Makes $13,000 a Month

Developer Edward Kim is undoubtedly pleased with his $13,000/month from the Car Locator app in the Android Market. He states that he made this app as a side project while vacationing with family. Not bad for a side project, this app finished third in Google's Android Developer Challenge 2.