Dude Perfect game is like Angry Birds playing Basketball

Remember the Youtube group called Dude Perfect that made all those awesome videos shooting some of the worlds most impossible basketball shots? We'll they've scored again only this time for Android. Instead of watching their videos on the go, how about play the game. Just recently released is Dude Perfect, an Android game based on the real-life dudes and you can get in on the Basketball action for only $0.99 today.

Scramble with Friends available now – Forget Words with Friends

The extremely popular game Words with Friends has finally received some competition, even if it's from the same company. Zynga, the company behind Words with Friends, Zynga Poker and more has just released their latest hit and word sensation Scramble with Friends to the Google Play Store here in the US. Get it now and enjoy your new addiction.

EA Sports releases FIFA ’12 and NBA Jam for Android

EA Sports has just released two of their latest and greatest games for Android into the Google Play Store. Available today for around $5 is the new FIFA Soccor 2012 (football for the rest of the world) and NBA JAM. I personally have been waiting for NBA JAM but sadly like many of our readers, wont be able to enjoy it because they barely support any devices. Check out the impressive screenshots and details below.

Google Earth update brings Earth gallery and social integration

Google has just issued an update to the popular Google Earth application for Android. Nothing comes close to beating Google Earth and this latest update makes it even better. With gestures, social integration and sharing, Earth Gallery and more it truly has some awesome features you wont want to miss on this latest version.

Verizon keeps rolling – announces 8 new LTE markets launch tomorrow

Verizon is poised to win the 4G LTE battle. With the comments made yesterday that Verizon will be passing the 200 mark of available 4G LTE networks across the US, and their plans to reach over 400 by year's end and double their reach, today they've updated everyone and announced 8 new 4G LTE markets will get the green light. Tomorrow March 15th they'll active 8 more, plus be expanding in multiple markets all listed below.

AT&T extending 4G LTE network to 12 new markets in April

AT&T is still playing a severely slow game of catch-up with Verizon and their vast and quick 4G LTE rollout. They've just announced a couple of new markets that will soon be getting the fast 4G LTE speeds and we have all the details. According to AT&T, Cleveland will be up next to receive the update and that is coming soon. Then 11 other markets are going to get the blue switch flipped from AT&T too.

PSA: The Android Market isn’t missing, just look for “Play Store” instead

I've been getting tons of comments, tips, and emails over the past 24 hours from various users and readers saying things like "My Android Market has gone missing and I can't download apps." Or the Android Market is no longer on my phone, what the crap Motorola. This is a public service announcement for all those that missed the news (newbies) that Google has actually replaced the Android Market with what they are calling Google Play. You still have the Android Market and all the hundreds of thousands of apps, just under a new name.

Google Play update breaking Market for many Motorola phones

In case anyone missed the huge news yesterday, Google renamed the Android Market and all their Music and Book stores to one simple thing -- Google Play. Along with the big news that everything would be combined into one was the new Android Market is called the Play Store, and the update has been rolling out and replacing the Android Market on phones and tablets the past 24 hours. Sadly we have received multiple complaints that this update is breaking the market icon for Motorola phones and their BLUR user interface.
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