Google adds In-App Subscriptions to the Play Store

Google+ isn't the only one getting new tricks today. Google has just rolled out some new goodies for the Play Store that should help our friendly developers make even more cash money. Google Added in-app billing last year but today we now have in-app subscriptions. As of today developers can offer in-app payments for monthly or annual subscriptions to games, magazines and more.

“Appreciate” is your personalized app market for Android

Today we stumbled across a neat app called Appreciate-Personal App Market. We've seen similar apps before for Android but what this does is exactly as it's titled. Shows you apps and games that you'll like, personalized by what you've already got installed, and your interests. It is very thorough but does need Facebook access to truly be used to its full potential. More details and screenshots below.

Google Play Store updated to v3.5.16 with fixes [Download]

Google has silently pushed another update out for the Android Market Google Play Store over the past day or so, and you'll want to get it if you've been having any issues lately. The last update was version 3.5.15 and brought tons of changes and new features. This update rolling out now is only minor and wont change things too much visually like the last update has.

Google Play Store inverted with a black, blue, or green color theme

Who loves the new Google Play Store, previously known as the Android Market but would like the change the look and feel? We've posted inverted color themes before but today is a lot different. What we have is inverted colors for the Google Play Store in black, blue, pink, cyan and many others. If you like to tweak the look of your Android, these are a great place to start in terms of the Play Store.

Temple Run for Android update solves crashes – supports Bionic and RAZR

The hugely anticipated iOS game Temple Run launched for Android on Tuesday and instantly was a popular hit. It's only been three days and they've reported well over 1 million downloads on Android. With many new games there are bugs, some devices aren't supported, and you get the occasional problem or crash. It's only been out a few days and they've already issued their first update.

Missing purchased apps from Play Store? Google’s working on a fix

Over the past couple of days we've received a few tips that users were experiencing problems with the Google Play Store, and some were reporting that their paid application lists were completely missing. Some went as far as to say the market was asking them to purchase said apps again. After receiving a few more complaints, and seeing several threads appear at XDA regarding the issue we now have good news.
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