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More than 50 percent of all smartphones sold worldwide run Android

The global domination of Android has seemed inexorable for the last year and a half, and now new research tells us what we've long suspected. According to Gartner, more than half of all smartphones sold worldwide use Android as of the third quarter of 2011. To be exact, 52.5% of all new smartphones sold come with Google's OS in one form or another, with 60 million units and change being sold in the three months period. That's an almost 200% rise over the same time span last year.

HTC leads the US in total smartphone sales

The smartphone boom seems to have no end in sight, and for the moment, HTC is right at the forefront. Though Samsung is selling the most units worldwide, HTC has cornered the lucrative American market: according to Business Week, the Taiwanese manufacturer finished out the third quarter with 24 percent market share in the United States. That narrowly beats out Samsung with 21 percent, and Apple with 20 percent.

Android friend HTC passes Nokia and RIM in Market Cap

HTC devices like the Nexus One, EVO, and more like the Flyer have helped them fly past and exceed not only Nokia, but also RIMs market cap. This is good news for our devoted Android handset maker. Our source mentions they have grown over 30 times their value over the last 5 years to a whopping $33.88 billion. That is compared to Nokia's $32.85 bn, and RIM's slowly lowering $28.5 bn.

90-Percent of Compal Tablets Will Use Android This Year

Compal Electronics Inc., a leading maker of notebook computers, has predicted that over the next year, 90-percent of the 3.8 million tablets they plan to ship would not only be based on Google's Android platform, but also use chips from ARM - offering up steep competition for Apple's iPad. President Ray Chen stated that the tablet market is exploding, and with it Google's Android OS. Once we see Honeycomb, the tablet-centric version of Android, we can expect the appeal for an Android-based tablet to rise significantly, and hopefully pass Apple's iPad in OS market share over the coming years. He also goes on to state that now that Windows supports ARM chips, the company may also ship Windows-based tablets, but these were not included in his current forecast. What do you think? After seeing Honeycomb in action at this year's CES, do you think it's a decent competitor for Apple and Blackberry's tablet offerings? Let us know in the comments! [Via BusinessWeek]

80 Percent of Verizon Phones sold are Android, BlackBerry devices in steep decline

What better way to see Android's cannibalization of RIM's BlackBerry than a graph of Verizon's smartphone sales over the 20 months? All Things Digital points to data compiled by ITG Investment Research analyst Matthew Goodman that visually details the decrease in BlackBerry sales as the market becomes more sophisticated and varied. According to the data, 80 percent of smartphone sales were Android devices in which 46 percent were DROID branded. RIM sure has a growing issue on its hands as new devices compete with the business space in mobile sales. [Via All Things Digital]
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