Bitdefender releases Antivirus Free for Android

If you are looking to keep your Android device free of malware and hoping to do so without spending any money, you now have another option to consider. The folks at Bitdefender have recently announced Antivirus Free for Android. The app is available by way of the Google Play Store and as the name suggests -- it can be downloaded and used for free.

avast! Mobile Security updated with new UI, folder scanning, and more

For those of you worried about malware or viruses on your Android smartphone or tablet, avast! Mobile Security is one of the highest rated apps. Between being a long-lasting player in the PC security sector, and having amazing anti-theft features this is one of our favorite security apps. And today it just got even better with a brand new update and new features.

New Android malware threat looks like an IRS e-mail

Security researchers are warning Android users that there is a new malware attack spreading specifically aimed at Android devices. The Android malware was discovered by the security arm of Dell called Secureworks. According to the security researchers, the malware is currently circulating heavily around the Internet.

Apple’s Phil Schiller sends warning message to Android users

The topic of malware on Android has taken an interesting turn today. We mentioned the report from F-Secure which was saying that Android accounted for 79 percent of all malware in 2012 and that iOS accounted for only 0.7 percent. The interesting turn came when Apple's Phil Schiller decided to tweet about the report, and while not specifically using the word Android, he seems to have been sending the message with Android users in mind.

79% of all mobile malware in 2012 came from Android

It doesn't matter what smartphone platform you're fond of, no one likes malware. Some operating systems in the mobile market have less malware to contend with in part because the ecosystem is much more closed than Android. It's very easy for Android users to install applications from any number of app stores on the Internet that anyone can put up, while other platforms limit users to a single app store where everything is inspected.

Lookout predicting toll fraud will continue and mobile spam will increase

Touching back on the subject of malware on Android and it looks like we have some predictions coming from the folks at Lookout. Of course, the obvious here, Lookout does offer a Security and Antivirus app for Android devices. That being said, the folks at Lookout have estimated that from the beginning of 2012 and through the end of 2013 -- 18 million Android users will have been affected by mobile malware.

Gingerbread is the most targeted mobile OS for malware

Last week we reported the latest numbers for Android installs, and in a surprise to no one, Gingerbread is by far the most used version of Android, with over 50-percent of devices carrying it. Because of this, it is also the version of the device most targeted by malware, according to a report from Kaspersky Lab. This only stands to reason; if you're going to create malware, you're going to make it for the OS with the most people using it.
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