Feds call out Android as a “primary target for malware attacks”

The world's largest and most used mobile operating system is Android, as we all know, and some new documents that were recently revealed shows the US Government and feds calling out Android. Claiming it is a primary target for attacks, and they even back it up with numbers. A document was recently uncovered by Public Intelligence that is unclassified, but for "official use only" and it has all the details.

Android Master Key exploit “could affect” 900 million devices

Bluebox Security has recently gone public with an exploit that is said to be able to affect up to 900 million Android phones. And if that number doesn't sound scary enough for Android users, putting it another way and you are looking at 99 percent of all Android phones that are in the wild. This exploit is referred to as 'Master Key' and it has apparently been around since Android 1.6 Donut -- around 4 years now.

Android Defender Platinum app will hold your phone ransom

A new Android malware app has recently been discovered. This latest is called Android Defender Platinum and while it sounds like a bad deal, there is one positive side in that it wasn't available by way of the Google Play Store. Basically, that is just to say this app shouldn't be much of a concern if you are only downloading apps from the Play Store. If you happen to download apps from various untrusted third party sites however, you may need to pay attention.

Lookout talks BadNews, the latest round of Android malware

It appears as if another malware scare has come to Android. In this case, Lookout has said they discovered a new malware family which was found to be in 32 different apps. This family of malware has been dubbed BadNews, however coming as a bit of a silver lining, Google has already removed the infected apps.

Bitdefender releases Antivirus Free for Android

If you are looking to keep your Android device free of malware and hoping to do so without spending any money, you now have another option to consider. The folks at Bitdefender have recently announced Antivirus Free for Android. The app is available by way of the Google Play Store and as the name suggests -- it can be downloaded and used for free.

avast! Mobile Security updated with new UI, folder scanning, and more

For those of you worried about malware or viruses on your Android smartphone or tablet, avast! Mobile Security is one of the highest rated apps. Between being a long-lasting player in the PC security sector, and having amazing anti-theft features this is one of our favorite security apps. And today it just got even better with a brand new update and new features.

New Android malware threat looks like an IRS e-mail

Security researchers are warning Android users that there is a new malware attack spreading specifically aimed at Android devices. The Android malware was discovered by the security arm of Dell called Secureworks. According to the security researchers, the malware is currently circulating heavily around the Internet.

Apple’s Phil Schiller sends warning message to Android users

The topic of malware on Android has taken an interesting turn today. We mentioned the report from F-Secure which was saying that Android accounted for 79 percent of all malware in 2012 and that iOS accounted for only 0.7 percent. The interesting turn came when Apple's Phil Schiller decided to tweet about the report, and while not specifically using the word Android, he seems to have been sending the message with Android users in mind.
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