The Economist app comes to Android

If you are a fan of reading on your Android device, you have one more popular magazine offering its content in a digital app to choose from. The Economist has announced that it now has its app available for Android devices. The Android app comes after the iOS app proved to be so popular with 2.4 million downloads according to the publication.

Sports Illustrated comes to Android

Time has launched Sports Illuatrated for Android.  The subscription based app will be a completely digital version of it's iconic sports magazine and is available for all Android tablet and smartphone platforms.  Here are the details ...

Android “e-newsstand” project in works tip Google insiders

Google is believed to be working on an e-newsstand for Android devices, aiming to offer consistent e-magazine and newspaper content across smartphones, tablets and other form-factors and in the process further take on Apple's iTunes store. According to the WSJ's sources, Google is in talks with Time Warner, Condé Nast and Hearst about the so-far unnamed project, promising them more favorable revenue share agreements than Apple's 70/30 split, and greater access to user data. That data would allow publishers to better tailor subscription packages, advertising and marketing promotions, and has been a key reservation about Apple's digital magazine strategy. [via SlashGear]

Android Magazine banned from Apple App Store

As you probably know by now, Apple monitors which applications can go into the app store, and a lot of them get shot down before they are given a chance. The most recent app to get shut down wasn't some crazy, virus app, but merely a magazine app. You are probably wondering why a magazine might get shot down by apple, well it was the content of the magazine. No, it wasn't a porn magazine or anything else containing mature content, but one about Android!

Kindle for Android Finally Coming Soon?

The upcoming Streak from Dell, we all know it as the Mini 5, has a few services  from Amazon preinstalled. One of which is a Kindle app.  Amazon's MP3 store is expected since that’s already on several Android devices. On a promo picture for the Streak is has "Kindle Book Reader Applications" listed as well as a few other apps. Could Dell's Streak  usher in Amazon's digital book reader to Android?
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