Case-Mate Style Box trial program launched

Ever experienced that moment when you saw a beautiful smartphone accessory online but wasn't sure if it would actually look good in reality? Case-Mate is apparently quite familiar with the situation, enough to start its Style Box risk-free trial program that will let customers try out their wares and return those that they don't like.

Galaxy S4 gold-plated edition brings elegance to Android

When you have extra cash to throw around, you might as well rock the latest and greatest smartphone on the planet with style. The iPhone isn't the only one getting the gold-plated treatment, and we have the Samsung Galaxy S4 wrapped in Gold, Platinum, or Rose Gold for you below. Sadly it'll cost you some serious coin so you better start saving your pennies now.

TAG Heuer Racer Smartphone revealed – crafted for luxury high performance [Video]

This isn't the first luxury smartphone we've seen, and it wont be the last. With TAG Heuer announcing the LINK last year that retailed for around $6700, we have a feeling this will be a similar situation. This luxury smartphone crafted with elegance and performance in mind looks pretty awesome. Complete with carbon fiber for strength, Android, and a 3D user interface. Check out the impressive video below for more information.

Mobiado Releases a Luxury Nexus S, Calls it the Grand Touch

We have seen a few luxury brands in the past release some awesome smartphones but this one might just be one of the better ones we've seen yet. A little gold plating and Gingerbread goes a long ways if you ask me. What we have here is the Samsung Nexus S outfitted with Mobiado's touch of class. The pictures say it all.