HTC One M9 gets the Goldgenie treatment

As with the past HTC One models and perhaps as a tradition, the latest HTC One M9 flagship phone is getting the Goldgenie treatment. After the HTC One, One M8, and the One Mini getting luxury models, it's the HTC One M9's turn to have the gold, platinum, and rose gold versions from Goldgenie. The company has been known to give smartphones new luxury coating made especially for those who can afford them.

TAG Heuer smartwatch out this year from LVMH with a hefty price tag

TAG Heuer is not new to the tech industry. It's been making several luxury smartphones the past few years. Remember the TAG Heuer Racer and the $6700 TAG Heuer LINK Android handsets? Just last month, the luxury watchmaker announced that it's joining the smartwatch game together with Intel and Google. We're already expecting this will be pricey at $1,000. Ordinary Android Wear smartwatches are priced below $400 so this one is far more expensive.

Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 edge to come in 24k gold, rose gold, platinum

As excitement builds up for the official launch date of the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, makers of customized luxury smartphones Goldgenie announced that these two devices will come out in 24k gold, rose gold, and platinum finish. Pre-orders will already begin this week so that if you wish for these kinds of smartphones, you can be one of the earliest to do so.

Lumigon T2 HD phone now has 24-karat gold edition

If it's always been your dream to have a smartphone that is more expensive and luxurious than all your other gadgets combined, then this might be something you should aspire for. Luxury smartphone brand Lumigon has announced the release of a 24-karat gold edition of their T2 HD device, and if it's something that you can afford, then it might just be worth it.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge with Swarovski crystals is too shiny

South Korean tech giant Samsung has previously teamed up with Austrian fashion design crystal maker Swarovski for past project so this Galaxy Note being studded with shiny Swarovski crystals didn't come as a surprise. Early in 2014, the two big companies partnered for a gem-studded Galaxy Note 3 cover. The Samsung Galaxy S5 and even the Gear Fit were blinged up a bit by Swarovski. The Samsung Gear S also become more stylish with a beautiful Swarovski strap. You see, crystals make Samsung gadgets shine brighter than ever.

Montblanc e-Strap photos shown off

Remember the Montblanc e-Strap we featured earlier this month? The new smart device from the luxury watchmaker has been spotted at the SIHH 2015 (Salon Internationale de la Haute Horlogerie) in Geneva, Switzerland this week. Normally, you will only see traditional watches but since Montblanc is trying to venture into the smartwatch industry, looks like a new trend has started. Montblanc CEO Jerome Lambert was seen wearing the e-Strap while at the show and Alexander Linz of was able to snap up photos of what we can consider a luxury smartwatch.

Hand-on with Lamborghini’s Antares, 88 luxury smartphones

A lot of the exhibitors here at CES 2015 are showing off their latest wares, but some are not exactly the newest but are still perhaps worth flaunting. One of those is Lamborghini, who is putting on display two of its rather exorbitant smartphones, one of which dates back to 2013. The Antares and the 88 Tauri are probably one of the more aggressive luxury phones you'll ever set your eyes on, and that is most likely by design. After all, nothing says luxury sports car than a smartphone that looks like a luxury sports car.

Montblanc brings smartwatch functions to the e-Strap

Smartwatches are still in their early stage but the wearable device industry has a lot of potential. A few manufacturers have jumped into the bandwagon and we can expect that this year, more models will be introduced. We noted recently in a blog roundup that there was an explosion of wearables after Google introduced Android Wear--the wearable OS. Google made smartwatches a hot commodity although companies have yet to standardize the technology. A number of companies and developers are looking into smartwatches, introducing models in different styles, shapes, and functions left and right. But not Montblanc, the luxury brand wants to venture into the mobile industry by bringing fine watchmaking and wearable technology together.

Gold-plated Samsung Note Edge spotted in Vietnam

Seeing a gold-plated mobile device is nothing new but if it's spotted in Vietnam, it can be a bit surprising. The mobile market in Vietnam is not that strong so a special edition is not expected. But then again this isn't the first golden gadget found in the country. Golden Mobile previously released a gold-plated Samsung Galaxy Note 4. This isn't an official limited edition unit from Samsung though but just a grand effort by the company who made it.
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