T-Mobile JUMP and Asurion subscribers getting Lookout Premium

The Lookout Security & Antivirus app is available for free and also as a Premium offering. For many the free account may be enough to meet your needs, however the Premium version does have a few worthwhile features. With that in mind, it looks like Lookout Premium is now being included for T-Mobile users that go with the JUMP upgrade program.

Lookout talks BadNews, the latest round of Android malware

It appears as if another malware scare has come to Android. In this case, Lookout has said they discovered a new malware family which was found to be in 32 different apps. This family of malware has been dubbed BadNews, however coming as a bit of a silver lining, Google has already removed the infected apps.

Lookout app update protects against the Samsung lockscreen ‘hack’

A short while back we saw the 'hack' that affected some Samsung devices. The initial reports were shown to affect the Galaxy Note II, however it was later revealed that the same bypass could be done on the Galaxy S III. For those who missed that previous report, it was shown that you could briefly bypass the device lockscreen and that there was the potential to gain access to certain types of desktop icons or widgets. Well, good news has arrived for anyone that may have been worried.

FCC and Lookout launch the Smartphone Security Checker

The FCC, along with some contributor partners have recently launched a tool aimed at smartphone users. Or more specifically, new smartphone users. The tool can be found on the FCC website and is called Smartphone Security Checker. This tool is available for Android users (as well as other mobile operating systems) and offers advise and suggestions on how to secure your smartphone.

Lookout predicting toll fraud will continue and mobile spam will increase

Touching back on the subject of malware on Android and it looks like we have some predictions coming from the folks at Lookout. Of course, the obvious here, Lookout does offer a Security and Antivirus app for Android devices. That being said, the folks at Lookout have estimated that from the beginning of 2012 and through the end of 2013 -- 18 million Android users will have been affected by mobile malware.

New Lookout app finds a missing device even if the battery is dead

Losing your precious cell phone is a scary thing. With the invention of apps that can find a lost phone, it became a slightly less scary proposition, but what if your phone is dead? A redesigned app from Lookout solves that fear by locating a lost phone, even if the battery is dead. This new feature, which Lookout calls Signal Flare, flags the location of your phone right before the battery dies. This gives users a good idea of where to look for their phone. Of course, if it is stolen and on the move, it will not be able to find it, but it still much more helpful than most phone locator apps that only scan on your request. If you simply dropped your phone somewhere, this should go a long way towards helping you find it. Lookout's app always had some awesome features such as protection from malware, back-ups, and the ability to remotely lock and wipe a phone. Besides locating dead phones, this update also adds protection from dialing attacks, which occur when you click on a phone number in the browser. It scans each phone number and alerts you if it detects a potential threat. The last feature of this update is the new Activity Feed. This allows you to see your mobile activity and all the ways Lookout protects you. This feature is cool, but it's the finding dead phones that has us the most interested. [timeline]