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Logitech Revue Ad with a Creepy Kevin Bacon [Part 2]

Uh oh, looks like Google TV is at it again with the awesome Kevin Bacon commercial. For those that missed the first one you can read about and see it here. The Logitech Revue is the widely popular Google TV set top that has been selling quite well. Google reported around 90,000 in Q4. Back in December Google released the "Biggest Kevin Bacon Fan" video and it had a lot of mixed reviews as it was a little creepy. I liked the ending though.

Android Market coming to Google TV platform soon

Google TV hasn’t been that popular so far despite the fact that the platform has some interesting features. The main problem is that many of the major content carries like the major TV networks and Hulu have blocked Google TV users from being able to view their content on the TV. One of the things that I think could save the Google TV platform would be access to apps from the Android Market on the Google TV platform

Android Market now on Logitech Revue via Brute Force Hack

So you've in the jailbreak mood and you've got a hankering for a job that requires not only hacks of your device on the inside, but physical changes on your outside as well. How about a Logitech Revue jailbreak, one that requires a NAND format, a soldering iron, and a completely virgin device - aka one that's never even been POWERED ON before? Sounds like a challenge to me.

Google TV Updated: Dual View Mode, Voice Search & Netflix Improvements [Video]

Updates to the Google TV platform aren't a new thing, but this is the first one that users can consider "major." The new update isn't just for bug fixes, or small improvements to the general search results of the set-top box. Instead, this update is meant for the Netflix users out there, as well as adding a few extra features for the Dual View mode.

Logitech Revue Booted to Recovery Mode [HACKS!]

Hackers oh you lovely wonderful wild hackers, you've gotten into Sony's Google TV, and now you've got the Logitech Revue, both of them booted into recovery mode. While the rest of the world was waiting for someone to pick up the $1000 bounty for a rooted Google TV, mister @Stericson took just one single day to boot his Logitech Revue into recovery mode. Here comes the sweet stuff!

Google TV teardown: Logitech Revue shares its secrets

Logitech's Android-based Revue Google TV box has come in for the teardown treatment from iFixit.  The set-top box is based around a single Gigabyte mainboard, running Intel's Atom CE4150 1.2GHz processor, and is among the first wave of Google TV devices to reach the market. iFixit praise the set-top box for its straightforward construction - plenty of Phillips-head screws and standardized connectors - and there's plenty of connectivity, too.  More info on the Revue here. [via SlashGear]


This week has been another busy one in the Android Community! The Galaxy Tab has sure got it’s time in the press with announcements of pricing and release dates coming in throughout the week. We also got some official conformation that Android Gingerbread is coming, and soon.

Google TV Virtual Tour available for the undecided

Google TV is now released to the world. It's features are great, but even after the many press conferences, it's hard to get a feel for how it will actually perform in real world situations - like your living room. This can be a deciding factor for many when making a purchase, so to answer any questions and show off a bit Google has released a Google TV virtual tour site that showcases many features of the service. Specifically they cover a few of the main key features of the system including:
  • Television, meet search
  • Full web browsing from your TV
  • Applications
  • Using your Android phone as a remote control
  • Personalized homepage
  • TV/Web dual view
  • Searching through your DVR
  • and easy integration will your entertainment system
If you're still on the fence wondering if Google TV is right for you check out the virtual tour site and look over the features and uses of the system.

Logitech shows off Video Calling on the Revue

Just as Logitech Revues were hitting doorsteps we get treated to video demos of some of the non-tv features of the device. In the latest video we see demo of a web cam chat from the Logitech Revue. "In case you’re wondering what video calling on your TV will really be like, we thought we’d give you a little preview. By now you’ve already heard all about the products that we announced earlier this month, including Logitech Revue with Google TV and the Logitech TV Cam accessory, so this time we want to tell you, or rather show you, more about the experience of keeping in touch with loved ones." The video brings an interesting personal take on video calling - similar how Apple advertised it's FaceTime chat service. Video chat is definitely the future of communication and video chatting directly from your TV is a big part of that. [Via Logitech]
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