Facebook Home update teased in first look video

Facebook Home originally launched back in April. This was right around the same time the HTC First Facebook phone launched with AT&T and while that handset has long since disappeared from the memories of many, it looks like Facebook is not quite ready to give up on Home. We saw an update back in October that added support for a variety of other social services, and more recently, Facebook has dropped a first look style video teasing the next update.

Cover, the contextual lockscreen now available in the Play Store

Cover was announced as a new Android lockscreen app a few weeks earlier. At the time we saw a bit of teasing in terms of features. The app was available, but only in a private beta group. Well, while not everyone was able to gain access to that group -- it meant plenty were left waiting. A set release date had not been given, but we did recently learn the app would be arriving before Christmas.

Google patent filing tips an improved pattern unlock experience

Android users already have several options when it comes to securing their lockscreen. Some of those include face unlock, pin codes and patterns. The catch is that you often have to give up on another convenience when you choose to go the secure lockscreen route. One of those conveniences is quick launching to an app. But with that in mind, judging from details found in a USPTO filing -- that may soon be changing.

Locket app puts ads on your Android lockscreen

We've seen ads in apps and games, our notification bar, and a few other areas but can you imagine them being on your lockscreen? Every time you wake up your phone and slide to unlock be greeted with an advertisement. I know, it sounds outright awful. But what if every time you swiped to unlock your phone you made some cash? Getting paid to use your device. That's exactly what Locket is offering.

Homebase lock screen launches Facebook Home theme

Facebook Home will land in the Google Play Store this coming Friday, and while it will be free to download and free to use -- there are some catches. For one, the Facebook Home launcher will give you a fairly different experience as compared to what you are used to seeing on your handset. Not to mention, the Facebook Home launcher will initially only be compatible with select devices. That being said, it looks like there may be an alternative solution available from Widdit Labs.

Active Lockscreen Review: A highly customizable replacement

The lockscreen on our smartphone or tablets can be highly customized, although we know some tend to leave them stock just to keep things simple and familiar. For those that love customization and don't want to root and have a custom ROM we have an awesome new app to share. We were recently tipped off about Active Lockscreen, an app that brings the utmost customization to our Android lockscreens. Take a peek below.
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