Homebase lock screen launches Facebook Home theme

Facebook Home will land in the Google Play Store this coming Friday, and while it will be free to download and free to use -- there are some catches. For one, the Facebook Home launcher will give you a fairly different experience as compared to what you are used to seeing on your handset. Not to mention, the Facebook Home launcher will initially only be compatible with select devices. That being said, it looks like there may be an alternative solution available from Widdit Labs.

Active Lockscreen Review: A highly customizable replacement

The lockscreen on our smartphone or tablets can be highly customized, although we know some tend to leave them stock just to keep things simple and familiar. For those that love customization and don't want to root and have a custom ROM we have an awesome new app to share. We were recently tipped off about Active Lockscreen, an app that brings the utmost customization to our Android lockscreens. Take a peek below.

Android pattern lock stumps FBI investigators

There have been a lot of stories in the last few months questioning Android's security as a platform. But when it came time for FBI investigators to look through an accused pimp's Android phone, they were rendered helpless by the pattern lock that's been part of the OS for years. After failing to break into the phone itself, they've submitted a subpoena to Google for the suspect's username and password, in order to make their case in federal court.

Apple knows no shame: steals ICS camera unlock for iOS

"Good artists copy. Great artists steal." A certain megalomaniacal CEO is famous for this phrase, though the company that he co-founded seems to have forgotten the often-repeated mantra in the last few years. There seem to be plenty of "great artists" left at Apple: In addition to basically lifting Android's notification system and slapping it into iOS 4, then copying homescreen folders for iOS 5, it looks like they're planning on yet another misappropriation for iOS 5.1. BGR caught an early glance at the new lockscreen for the March update, which has an "innovative" feature added: users can either swipe right to unlock the phone, or swipe up to go straight to the camera app.

Google patents pattern unlock screen, shows new lock screen possibilities

Let Apple keep its one-function slide to unlock - Android's been doing it better since day one. And not just in the basic screen unlock - the pattern lock screen that replaces a PIN or password with a custom 9-dot pattern is a popular way for security-conscious users to quickly and easily access their phone. Now Google has been granted a patent on that particular action, and one more for good measure.

Slide 2 Wake enables locking and unlocking by sliding capacitive buttons

This sort of thing is why I love Android. A n innovative modder named "bponury" from the fairy land that is XDA-Developers has posted a video of his latest creation, the Slide 2 Wake kernel. It enables a quick sleep mode via a swipe across the capacitive keys from right to left, and an easy unlock from wake via a swipe from left to right. Thus you can turn your phone on and off without ever actually touching the screen.
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