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Google tipped to be testing “local news cards” for Google Now

Google is reportedly busy experimenting with a new “hyper-local news card” that will make their already impressive Google Now service even better. As you all know, we're huge fans of Google Now, and this is just one more upcoming feature that will make it better than ever. Tips suggest their new local news card will search for and find location-specific information and deliver it right to the user, before they ask for it.

Samsung Galaxy S III Local Search fix offered by XDA Developers

Local Search, as many of you may have already discovered, has come up missing from Galaxy S III devices. It isn't hard to imagine why, considering that many draw comparisons between Local Search and Siri and Samsung has already been through enough legal tussles with Apple to last a lifetime. Sadly, it seems like Local Search isn't coming back anytime soon, but there is a way to fix it, provided you aren't against rooting your S III and doing a little work under the hood.

Sonar: Local social networking lands for Android

The popular local and location based social networking application Sonar is finally available for Android today in a limited beta. Sonar pulls data from publicly available profiles from Foursquare, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and brings it all into a single application. It sounds a little scary I know, but we are hearing great things about this new social experience.

Google Mobile Improved in Google Places, Query Builder, Search Previews, Tablet Results

What we've heard in the past about Google Places future is coming true now, with a simple addition to your Google homepage in your mobile browser and a simple set of icons, the first of which, for example, is Restaurants. Simply tap the icon and a Google map will appear with all local results. If you've not yet got these icons showing up, just hold tight, they'll be rolling out to basically everyone in the world (at least those connected to Google Maps) today.

Thrillist app for Android devices launches

If you are looking for a cool app that will help you find all sorts of things in your local area a new one has surfaced for Android devices from Thrillist. Thrillist is a website that has all sorts of places to eat, shop, and hang out listed that you can search in your area.