Google Honeycomb Showcase Wrap-Up

This morning has come and gone and now the world is filled with more knowledge of Google's upcoming Honeycomb tablet OS. We spent the day at Google and witnessed all they had to show as well as got some hands-on time with the devices! Check out our extensive coverage after the break!

Android Market Web store Announced, Purchase Applications On the Desktop, Send to Phone

The Android Market Web store has been announced and is ready for release today. The system will allow users to purchase and download content from a web browser and then send the applications to their device. To get to the web store, navigate to Here you can browse applications just as you would on an Android device. When you click on the "Buy" button on the web page, you will be presented with the option for which device you would like to send the application to. The purchase dialog would then appear asking to confirm the purchase. Once the credit card transaction completes, the application will be sent (via cloud) to the devices that were selected. [gallery]

Google Talk Video Chat Demoed at Honeycomb Showcase

Google is pushing video chat for the tablet market. Honeycomb will have video-chat built it with Google Talk. Something that has been quite overlooked is Google Talk's video stabilization. They not only developed this for a better end-user experience, but the technology will help with bandwidth, which will help great amounts when on a cellular network.

Google Details Honeycomb’s Notification Bar

Google has taken the stage to demo the Honeycomb operating system. We got a full live view of how notifications will work within the tablet OS and Google is focusing on making the notifications less intrusive all while making them provide more information at a glance.

Honeycomb, Here We Come!

Here we go, Android fans. Google is about to take the stage to demo the most anticipated operating system for quite some time: Honeycomb. We're live on the Google campus bringing you live updates as well as detailed hands-on after the event!

LG Optimus 3D, Are You ready for 3D in the Mobile Space?

Mobile World Congress is quickly approaching and we're expecting a lot of devices from all companies. However, one device that's gaining the most traction online is the LG Optimus 3D. We all know that LG is planning to enter the mobile 3D space and it seems the Optimus 3D will be their flagship device - but is the world ready for mobile 3D?

Dual-Screen Android Tablet Sprint’s “Big Announcement” for February 7th?

Just last week Sprint sent out an email to the press inviting them to a special event where they will release an "Industry First." The internet went crazy with rumors as to exactly what this industry first could be. Was it a 4G iPhone? Probably not, all Android sites were invited to the event. Now we may have a little bit more information as to exactly what it could be - a dual-screen Android tablet.
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