LG G3 Smart Keyboard update enhances typing experience

The much praised LG flagship G3 smartphone has a lot going for it, in terms of intuitive design, state-of-the-art hardware and user-friendly features. One of its most praised attributes is its Smart Keyboard, with its enhancements that make the typing experience easier and even fun at times. The latest update to this virtual keyboard adds even more features that are seldom found in OEMs built-in or native keyboards.

Verizon accepting pre-orders for LG G3, shipping by July 17

Verizon is finally joining the LG G3 party as they announced that they are now accepting pre-orders for the much heralded Android smartphone. While there is still no announcement when it will actually be available at their retail stores, the product page reveals that the units will start shipping out to those who pre-ordered by July 17.

LG KizON gives kids their own wearable smartband

After child-friendly tablets, it was only a matter of time before manufacturers started zeroing on kids again, this time with wearable technology instead. Though not exactly the first, LG is now jumping into the fray with KizON, a smart band that seems to be built more for a parent's peace of mind than a kid's convenience and enjoyment.

LG G3 design story: simplicity that fits in your hand

LG's latest flagship is undoubtedly a thing of beauty, both in design and in hardware. If you've ever wondered about the kind of thinking that went into the making of the LG G3, the company is only too eager to share its inspiration in its latest video snippet that briefly narrate's the smartphone's Design Story.

AT&T accepting pre-orders for LG G3 and G Watch by July 8

AT&T is getting into the LG G Watch game as they will be accepting pre-orders for the smartwatch, as well as the heralded LG G3 smartphone by July 8. Both gadgets will be available at AT&T retail stores by July 11. The G Watch will be the first time that the carrier is offering a wearable that is powered by Android Wear and they are offering it at the standard retail price of $229.

G3 TweaksBox app allows more customisation of your LG G3

So you finally got your hands on your very own LG G3 and you’re more than happy with it. The thing though is, like most people who are never truly satisfied with their gadgets, you’d like to have a little more room for more customisation and tweaks on small things like changing some display items, increasing your message recipients, hiding some notifications, etc. The good thing is that a G3 TweaksBox is now available on the Google Play Store for your tweaking delight.

LG launches LG G Pad 10.1, biggest tablet in the series

Fresh from the success of the highly-regarded LG G3, the Korean OEM is finally rolling out its G Pad 10.1, the biggest tablet in their G Pad series, to the global market. Positioning itself as the middle ground between entry level and high-end tablets, it basically has the same features that the LG G3 is being praised for, but of course with some additions because of the larger screen and tablet functions.