LG G Pad 8.3 Play Store Edition officially announced

We’re starting to wonder if LG’s plans are to simply align themselves really, really closely with Google. Rumors have been circulating recently about LG making a Nexus tablet, which have turned out to be false. They are, however, making a very KitKat device for sale on the Play Store, and has been confirmed as the first Google Play Edition tablet.

LG G2 Mini tipped with 4.7-inch display

The LG G2 has been available for quite some time now, however it looks like LG may be prepping another variant. Similar to current trends, it is looking like an LG G2 Mini may be in the works. The details are still in the rumor category, however it is looking like the handset will be announced in January and sporting a 4.7-inch display.

Android has a 52% market share while Apple remains the top OEM

Research for the month of October shows Android is still king of the mobile landscape. Analytics firm comScore has released their monthly report on smartphone market share, and it shows Google’s operating system is still on top. Second is Apple and their iOS, while Blackberry — in a downward spiral — continues to embarrass Microsoft by holding firm at number three, even with a significant loss in users.

LG says up to 40% of smartphones could be flexible by end of decade

At a recent press event in San Francisco, LG’s Ramchan Woo made some interesting remarks about the future of smartphones. When considering the remainder of this decade, Woo pontificates that it will close with up to 40% of smartphones emulating the G Flex. LG believes that flexible devices are the future, whether they be curved like the G Flex or completely foldable, like so many concepts and show floor devices we’ve seen lately.