LG Optimus

T-Mobile LG G Flex and Optimus F3Q arriving in February

T-Mobile has come forward with release details for a pair of LG smartphones. The devices include the G Flex and the Optimus F3Q, both of which will be arriving in February. Both devices will be readily available on February 5th, however those who had been waiting for the LG G Flex will be able to move forward with a pre-order as of today.

LG Optimus F3 release confirmed by T-Mobile

T-Mobile has announced the upcoming availability of the LG Optimus F3 smartphone. The handset will be available beginning on August 7th. Those looking towards the Optimus F3 will be able to grab it with T-Mobile's Simple Choice plans. Perhaps key for some, the handset will be available with no money down.

LG Optimus F3 arrives at MetroPCS

MetroPCS has added the budget LG Optimus F3 smartphone to its line up today, offering the handset to subscribers for $149 without a contract. Though not a high-end handset by any means, the Optimus F3 brings 4G LTE connectivity to users with decent hardware rounding it out.

LG G2 teaser arrives with talk of a handset that learns from you

The LG G2 related leaks have been plentiful, though we have yet to hear much coming direct from LG. They did make it clear they were going to be announcing the handset on August 7th, and as of today they have shared a rather interesting teaser video. The video is a bit longer than a minute and a half and while it is clearly connected to the phone, it is talking about humans.

LG to have event in New York City on August 7th

My oh my, what interesting times we live in. LG, the Korean mobile phone division, has announced to the press that on August 7th they'll be having a press event. The most leery part of the message we received was... that they didn't mention what the event was for.

LG Optimus L4 II unveiled with 3.8-inch display

LG has announced the Optimus L4 II. This handset is sporting a model number of E440 and will arrive to fill the entry-level market. LG has the Optimus L4 II running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with a 3.8-inch IPS display with a resolution of 480 x 320. For now it looks like the Optimus L4 II will be released in a select few markets including Russia and the Ukraine.

LG considering the elimination of the Optimus high end brand?

In a shocking move, akin to Toyota shutting down its Lexus division, LG is supposedly in talks to shutter the doors of the Optimus nameplate on their higher end devices. The Korean company is well known for making devices that are already on the higher end of the spectrum, but just like the previously mentioned Toyota/Lexus relationship, "Optimus" is their current high end brand. As we know, brand names aren't everything though, or are they?

LG Optimus Zone and Optimus Exceed arrive for Verizon prepaid

Earlier rumors were suggesting Verizon Wireless was going to add the LG Optimus Zone to the prepaid lineup and as of today, it look like that handset has come available. The Optimus Zone is also known as the Optimus L3, an entry level handset. As for the other device, that will be the Optimus Exceed, which is a rebranded version of the LG Lucid. Similar to the Optimus Zone, the Optimus Exceed is an entry-level device.
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