LG Optimus Vu

LG Optimus Vu available now in South Korea: start saving your Won

The second of a growing crop of massive smartphones is now available to purchase where you live! As long as you live in South Korea. The LG Optimus Vu and its odly square screen hits the homeland today, where eager Android fans can pick it up for a song and 999,900 won, or about nine hundred American greenbacks. Even for a country that loves its smartphones and loves home-grown LG, that's a stagerringly expensive price, novel form factor notwithstanding.

LG Optimus Vu hands-on

Let the battle of the phablets begin. LG was the first out of the gate with a competitor to Samsung's oversized Galaxy Note, revealing the Optimus Vu in its own press presentation long before this week's Mobile World Congress. But they've brought it along to demonstrate next to the other high-end offerings, and who are we to protest? The phone's unique 5.0-inch, 4:3 aspect ratio screen is certainly large, but it remains to be seen whether it is indeed in charge. Judge for yourself from our hands-on below.

LG Optimus Vu revealed with stylus and LTE

LG has officially revealed the LG Optimus Vu, the company's new flagship for MWC 2012 next week and its stylus-toting challenge to Samsung's Galaxy Note. Based around an iPad-matching 1024 x 768 resolution, 4:3 aspect display, the 5-inch Optimus Vu "phablet" uses a 650 nits IPS LCD panel for better outdoor visibility, and comes with a stylus for annotating documents, drawing sketches and making handwritten notes in LG's Memo app.

Samsung Galaxy Note and LG Optimus Vu compared: battle of the phablets

Ladies and gentlemen, 2012 is now officially the year of the insanely huge smartphone. Days ago LG teased its Optimus Vu smartphone ahead of a probably "revolutionary" Mobile World Congress debut, making sure to highlight its 5-inch 4:3 screen. Of course, there's another gigantic Android phone already on the market: Samsung's Galaxy Note, headed to the US later this month on AT&T. Wanna see how they compare? Wish granted, thanks to a Korean blogger at helloadam100.blog.me.

LG planning to show “revolutionary” phones at Mobile World Congress

With Mobile World Congress 2012 soon approaching the invites and press releases keep rolling in. LG has just sent out a few that are saying they will be showing a "revolutionary smartphone for 2012" that is piquing our interest to say the least. Most likely they are talking about the recently teased Optimus Vu 5" smartphone linked below but that might not be all.
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