LG Optimus S

Republic Wireless changes policies to grant true unlimited data

When newly-created wireless provider Republic Wireless promised a revolutionary VOIP-supplemented phone plan, it had at least one unfortunate legacy feature: limited access to data away from WiFi access points. The customized Republic phones fall back on CDMA networks when nothing else is available, and while no hard limits were in place, Republic noted that it would "encourage" heavy data users to seek another alternative. According to the company blog, they've reconsidered this approach, and Republic Wireless will become one of only two U.S. networks to offer truly unlimited mobile data.

Republic Wireless ships phones with CyanogenMod code

Republic Wireless' novel VOIP-based phone service is just starting up, and customers are receiving their LG Optimus S phones now. Because of Republic's unique 3G/WiFi switching system, it requires some custom changes to the phone's hardware. But according to some eagle-eyed analysis of an early unboxing video, the phone's beta hardware isn't the only thing that's customized: it looks like the phone is running a modified version of the most popular custom ROM out there, CyanogenMod.

Android gets bricky with custom Lego ROM

A trio of developers have created a playful custom Android ROM that's based on the world of LEGO.  Beezy, KSmith and Nick7 worked up the ROM for the Sprint Optimus S and have given the user the modular ability to choose any tweaks and theme edits they want.  And the beauty is, there's no tedious trial and error to see what features play together or not.

LG Optimus One Series Will Receive Android 2.3

After quite the outrage over their made up 1GHz processor requirement being the reason the Optimus series will not see Gingerbread, LG has retracted their statement and now have committed to bring Gingerbread to the entry level devices.

LG Vortex due Nov 18; 1m Optimus One smartphones sold in a month

LG has confirmed that the Verizon version of their Optimus One Android smartphone - the Verizon Vortex - will land on November 18; meanwhile, in just over a month, the company has shifted one million of the devices. That includes Optimus One sales, together with Sprint and T-Mobile USA's own versions, the Optimus S and Optimus T. In fact, LG reckons that by the time it has finished rolling the Optimus One out across the 120 carriers and partners it has planned, it will be the company's first 10m-sales smartphone. More details on the LG Optimus One here. LG Optimus One demo: [vms dd0a06020c35d50e1e89] Press Release:
LG OPTIMUS ONE HITS 1 MILLION SALES WORLDWIDE Popular Android 2.2 Smartphone Sets Company Sales Record in Just Over One Month SEOUL, Nov. 16, 2010 – LG Electronics (LG) today announced that worldwide sales of its Optimus One smartphone have hit one million units just 40 days after the phone’s initial launch. Now available in most of Europe, Asia-Pacific countries and the USA* , the Optimus One is the fastest selling mobile handset in the company’s history. Powered by the Android 2.2 “Froyo” OS and optimized for Google Mobile Services, the LG Optimus One has been a big hit with first-time smartphone buyers looking for high performance and useful applications in a handset priced very competitively to feature phones. “The versatile, powerful LG Optimus One was designed to provide an easy transition into the world of smartphones and as these numbers demonstrate, there is obviously a strong demand for this type of device,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “Optimus One seems to be what many customers were waiting for, proving that smartphones aren’t just for early adopters anymore.” One of the first smartphones to launch with Google’s latest operating system, the Optimus One allows for up to three times faster internet browsing, web-page loading, and multi-tasking. The Optimus One also incorporates a unique LG-designed user-interface (UI) along with a camera that features face tracking and smile shot, a 3.2” wide HVGA screen and a long-lasting 1500mAh capacity battery. With a nod to style-conscious users, LG’s new smartphone comes in a wide range of color schemes including black, wine, titan, blue, silver and purple. Exact color availability will vary from market to market. With the global roll-out still under way, the Optimus One will soon be available via 120 carriers and partners. LG expects Optimus One to be its first 10 million-seller smartphone. * In the United States also known as Optimus S (Sprint) and Optimus T (T-mobile) with Vortex™ (Verizon) to be launched on November 18.

Skype 1.0.1 Update for Android Added Today

Popular talk and chat application Skype has just been updated to version 1.0.1, adding such lovely features as QVGA support and support for 320x240 resolution screens. This should pump up owners of Huawei IDEOS, LG Optimus T/S, Motorola Charm, and HTC Wildfire, who until now were workin without full functionality. Skype for Android has fixes and bug adjustments as well, a list of improvements to be found here below.

LG Optimus S Launching November 7th, Brings Sprint ID Along for Ride

Sprint ID was a hot ticket when it was announced not too long ago, but as many things do, it's become something of a distant memory since then. However, it's still out there, and now it's going to launch on a new device here in just under a week. The LG Optimus S is set to launch on November 7th with a nice price tag, plus Android 2.2.