LG Optimus Pad 2

LG Optimus Pad LTE leaks again

LG's first run in the tablet game didn't go quite so well but they appear to be back and ready to give it another try with the LG Optimus Pad 2. Many are calling it the Optimus Pad LTE and these latest images seem to confirm that possibility. The original, better known as the T-Mobile G-Slate didn't sell too well with it high price and need for cheap blue and red 3G glasses.

LG Optimus Pad 2 image leaks

Last year LG launched the Optimus Pad better known as the T-Mobile LG G-Slate in a neat 8.9" form factor and some 3D effects. While the tablet didn't sell extremely well it was their first venture into the tablet game. Today we are seeing what is believed to be the successor to the Optimus Pad -- possible the Optimus Pad 2.