LG Optimus M

LG Optimus M+ available now on MetroPCS

Most of the coverage for Android goes to big, powerful and expensive mega-machines, but entry-level phones need love too. So we're happy to tell you that LG's Optimus M+ is now available for MetroPCS customers. The mid-range phone was first spotted last month as an upgrade to the original Optimus M, and it's available now for $129 without a contract. It won't wow anyone who's holding out for, say, the Optimus 4X HD, but it looks like a solid smartphone at a reasonable price.

LG Optimus M+ headed to MetroPCS

Budget phones for budget carriers make for some very happy low-end Android users, and MetroPCs and LG are looking to update the very first Android phone available on the regional carrier. The Optimus M+ is a update to the original Optimus M model, spotted by PocketNow and headed for MetroPCS sometime in the indeterminate future. It won't set the world on fire with its size or specs, but neither will it burn a hole in your wallet. At present there's no sate or price, but it should be pretty close to the original's $99 off contract.

LG Optimus One to get Gingerbread in Spring

Thanks to an eager LG Fan's post on LG's Facebook page, we have learned that the LG Optimus One could get a Gingerbread update in the Spring. This is the first time that LG has placed an official date for a Gingerbread roll out. The date is subject to change, but the plan is to make it available in the Android Market but the end of May. Makes one wonder if LG is being cautious since there was trouble with an OTA update of Android 2.2 (Froyo) to the Galaxy S.

LG Optimus One Series Will Receive Android 2.3

After quite the outrage over their made up 1GHz processor requirement being the reason the Optimus series will not see Gingerbread, LG has retracted their statement and now have committed to bring Gingerbread to the entry level devices.

First Android Phone on MetroPCS: LG Optimus M

Today the people at MetroPCS announced their very first Android handset (so young, so in love!) as the LG Optimus M. This M model is similar to phones offered by Spring (who has the S) and T-Mobile (who has the T). This LG Optimus M will cost you $230 with an unbelievable(?!) $50 no-contract monthly plan offered by MetroPCS. This version M has a 3.2 megapixel camera, runs Android 2.2, and has a 3.2-inch touchscreen for all your tapping and swiping and whatnot. Available November 24th, just in time for... you know... purchasing it for yourself.