LG Optimus Elite

LG Optimus Elite hits Virgin Mobile for $149.99

And now, we present our prime candidate for the most poorly-named phone since the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch (breathe): the LG Optimus Elite. This phone is now available from Virgin Mobile's website and retails stores for $149.99, and like all Virgin Mobile (US) devices it comes sans contract. The phone is launching on Virgin three days before it was expected to hit the parent company.

LG Optimus Elite pictured – doesn’t sound too Elite

A new phone from LG has been leaked today in a set of official renders or press images. Being called the LG Optimus Elite although I'd go as far as to call it much less than that. We've seen reports on this phone before with a rumored name of the LG Optimus Net and Gelato, but we can now confirm this phone and its "Elite" status.