LG G Pad 8.3

  • LG intros Snapdragon 615-powered G Pad II 8.3 in South Korea

    The new LG G Pad II 8.3 LTE is now available in South Korea. This isn't exactly a new series but rather an improved version of the LG G Pad 8.3 tablet released two years ago. This year's version now comes with LTE connectivity, a

    December 22, 2015 • Views: 2133

  • LG G Pad 2 phablet leaked, arriving this October

    LG has been busy with the LG G4 and some other mid-range phones that we thought the company has forgotten the phablet category. It didn't and we might soon see the next LG G Pad 2 if we are to believed the rumor and some specs

    July 27, 2015 • Views: 991

  • LG G4 pre-orders start today on Verizon, LG G Pad X8.3 now available

    T-Mobile started selling the LG G4 only yesterday but Verizon has just started online pre-orders for the G4. Shipping will start before the smartphone hits the retail store on June 4, Thursday. Customers who are planning to get

    May 28, 2015 • Views: 802

  • LG G Pad 8.3 GPE ready for sweet Android 5.1 rollout

    We don't know a lot of tablets receiving the Android 5.0 Lollipop but here's the LG G Pad 8.3 about to enjoy Android 5.1. The changes on the software may not be that noticeable but the fact that the LG tablet received the

    April 8, 2015 • Views: 1299

  • LG G Pad 8.3 Google Play Edition gets Lollipop update

    And still on the race of manufacturers trying to get Android 5.0 to their devices, the good people at the XDA developers forum have given word that the LG G Pad 8.3 already has a Lollipop update rolling out at this moment.

    December 1, 2014 • Views: 1230

  • Verizon G Pad 8.3 finally gets Android 4.4.2 KitKat

    LG has launched a new batch of G Pad tablets so, for a time, it seemed that its first G Pad was left behind. Fortunately, Verizon is giving the LG G Pad 8.3 some much needed love and attention, finally bringing the tablet's core

    August 1, 2014 • Views: 519

  • Android 4.4.4 update finally drops for LG G Pad 8.3 GPE

    We’ve been talking about how slow the updates were rolling out for LG devices here, but it seems that the LG G Pad will no longer be part of those waiting for an update, as Google has released the update for the Nexus-style

    June 27, 2014 • Views: 705

  • LG G Pad 7.0 showcased in photos, details leak

    More than two weeks ago, LG announced three new members of its G Pad tablet family to be exhibited at MedPi 2014 in Europe. Now we're getting a glimpse of one of these, the G Pad 7.0 to be exact, and rumored details for this

    May 26, 2014 • Views: 1147

  • LG G Pad 7.0, 8.0, and 10.1 tablets revealed

    LG is expanding its G Pad line to cover the usual gamut of tablet sizes. Building on the 8.3-inch model announced last year, the 7.0-inch, 8.0-inch, and 10.1-inch G Pad tablets offer users more choices in how they want to

    May 11, 2014 • Views: 1534

  • Verizon LG G Pad 8.3 LTE review

    LG released the G Pad 8.3 in the US back in October of 2013. The initial release was a WiFi only model, and that was followed up by a Google Play edition. The GPe model was also WiFi only in terms of connectivity, however a

    April 22, 2014 • Views: 2692