LG G Flex

LG G Flex version 2 said to have bendable frame, can be tweaked to 90 degrees

If you’ve seen the video of LG’s G Flex bending slightly under pressure, you know it holds up well to the stressed it can face in day-to-day activity. A report out of Korea suggests that a successor is already in the works, and might feature more flexing that we’re ready for. With a chassis that is also set to flex under strain, the newer G Flex could be nearly indestructible.

LG G Flex self healing ability put to the test

LG has been showing off the self healing ability of the G Flex smartphone recently. The video they released had the handset being scuffed with a bronze brush in even strokes, which as many decided -- that may not be an accurate real world test. Thankfully though, we have the internet and that means someone is generally going to be willing to step up.

LG G Flex confirmed for France in February

If you were wondering fit he LG G Flex would be available in your area, there is good news. The G Flex will be carried by Orange, which uses the EE network in the UK but their own in other areas. The device will be available in France, starting in February, but no other details were provided.
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