Lenovo tipped to acquire Motorola for several billion [UPDATE: Official]

Motorola is currently listed as being "a Google company." But based on some recent and still developing reports, it looks like that may soon be changing. Details coming from both China Daily and Reuters suggest Lenovo will be acquiring Motorola from Google. While not official just yet, there was talk of the deal being worth "at least" $2 billion. Separately, Reuters is reporting the deal is "close to" $3 billion. UPDATE: It's official.

Two new Lenovo tablets pass through FCC

The FCC has approved two new Lenovo tablets, the A5500 and A7600. Though light on details, there is some info available for the A5500. We can hopefully glean some idea of what the other will offer comparatively, but it’s still early days for these two.

Lenovo’s S930 is made for media, and aimed at the everyday user

Lenovo’s new smartphones here at CES really are subtly impressive. Though Lenovo isn’t a name you might think of when considering a smartphone, they should be. With a solid build quality that somehow feels light as a feather, the Lenovo S930 impressed us quite a bit. While not a spec heavy device, it's solidly useful day-to-day.

Lenovo S650 takes dead aim at the mid range market

Lenovo has a few interesting phones for us here at CES 2014, and most are aimed squarely at the mid range market. Though it can be easy to dismiss a mid range device as something lesser-than, Lenovo has come through in a big way for their handsets — both in form, and pricing.