LEGO Chima: Tribe Fighters arrives in Google Play Store

LEGO bricks are well-loved not just by the kids but also by adults who are well...geeks. The LEGO team has embraced digital times by releasing videos, games, apps, and last year, a movie. On the mobile arena, LEGO has already rolled out numerous games the latest of which is the 'LEGO Chima: Tribe Fighters' developed by Warner Bros. International Enterprises. The game follows the ‘LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga’ released on Amazon App Store back in January.

Amazon App Store releases ‘LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga’

Finally, the LEGO Star Wars : The Complete Saga game is now ready for Android. Warner Bros has released the app as we greeted that new year. However, the app is only available on the Amazon App Store, at least for now. It should be downloadable from the Google Play Store soon. Of course, you can always download the app directly from Amazon and install on your phone so you'll understand the gameplay of the very famous Star Wars saga.

LEGO Creator Islands lets you build all things awesome

Addicted to Minecraft? Consider a new strategy game called the LEGO Creator Islands. That’s right—it’s LEGO. This new app for Android lets you build your own island complete with Minifigures living and defending and rebuilding it.

The Force is strong in LEGO Star Wars Yoda Chronicles game

The new Star Wars movie may still be a couple of years away, but as early as now, they have been drumming up attention for the much beloved franchise, especially for this new generation. Disney has been airing several TV specials featuring Jedi Master Yoda and even Phineas and Ferb have gotten in on the action. And now LEGO has released a new Star Wars game for Android devices with The New Yoda Chronicles.

Google’s BugDroid LEGO set could become a reality, needs supporters

For all those Android fans out there that love the classic Google BugDroid, we have something just for you. Get out the old school LEGO set and have some fun Andy style. Last year you may remember a LEGO CUUSOO project where a few hopeful individuals launched a project to have an actual Android LEGO set -- and today we're happy to confirm it's only a few hundred away from reaching its goal.

LEGO charging dock for Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Lets say you don't approve of the accessories out on store shelves for your device. What is one to do? Well, you could always design some out of LEGOs like XDA developer Tibow. He managed to create a rather nice looking LEGO dock that holds the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in a landscape orientation. The only thing missing when compared to other docks, is it doesn't initiate "dock mode" when plugged in.

Android gets bricky with custom Lego ROM

A trio of developers have created a playful custom Android ROM that's based on the world of LEGO.  Beezy, KSmith and Nick7 worked up the ROM for the Sprint Optimus S and have given the user the modular ability to choose any tweaks and theme edits they want.  And the beauty is, there's no tedious trial and error to see what features play together or not.

LEGO MINDroid turns Android into a Mindstorm NXT remote

We love LEGO and we love Android, and it seems there's plenty of love between the two companies as well.  LEGO has just launched MINDroid for Android, a remote control app allowing users to operate their Mindstorm NXT robots from their smartphone.
"The MINDdroid app is a remote-control application that allows you to create a wireless connection directly with your NXT, and once a connection is established, you can tilt and turn your phone to make the robot move forward, turn to the sides, and by pressing an action button on the phone's screen, activate the Action motor. If you have a Shooterbot or other robot using two motors for motion and have a spare motor for actions, you are in for a lot of fun!"
We've seen Android devices used to remotely control Mindstorms kits before, but not via an official app.  The LEGO MINDroid app is a free download for Android 2.1 devices or higher, and is available in the Android Market now. [via GigaOm]

Nexus One + LEGO + Adobe AIR = Wireless Slot Car Gas Pedal

Things like this are just totally cool. Grant Skinner has figured out a way to allow his Nexus One to be used as a controller for these little race cars. By tilting the phone, the accelerometer in the phone is used to make the car accelerate at a predetermined speed. If you tilt it just a little, the car will go slow. Likewise, if you tilt it all the way down, the car will go faster.

Motorola Droid Solves a Rubik’s Cube Thanks to LEGO Robot [Video]

It’s safe to say that we can file this under the totally cool category of robots. This little invention uses a Droid to solve a Rubik’s Cube. We’ve all tried to solve this thing and one point or another in our life and those of us that didn’t move the colored stickers around probably failed. This robot accomplishes the feat in a matter of seconds.
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