Lego Batman Beyond Gotham now available for Android devices

Batman vs Superman may be coming to cinemas by 2016 and the new season of Gotham hasn’t started yet, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t go crazy over our favorite caped crusader. While console gamers are having a blast playing Arkham Knight, mobile gamers will not be left behind as Lego releases another Batman title and this time we’re going Beyond Gotham. This game is now finally available for Android devices as well.

LEGO Minifigures Online goes out of beta with paid version

LEGO is one of those brands that transcend age. In fact, if you base it on social media posts, you might think adults play with them more than the original target audience of the company. And now that the LEGO empire continues to expand, the Minifigures Online game has gone out of beta and into an actual game. The bad news is that it isn't free anymore, but if you're a true blue fan, you wouldn't mind spending a little money for it, would you?

Bloxels lets you make your own video game, set up blocks then play on screen

Geeks who grew up playing Lego understand the Minecraft craze and any other games similar to it. Well, I still don't get Minecraft for the simple reason I easily get dizzy. That's lame I know but if I were to build my own game, I'd try the Bloxels first by building blocks and then playing the game on screen. This Kickstarter project requires the player to play video games with blocks positioned by his own hands.

Lego Star Wars game collection now available for Android devices

The new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, is still 7 months away, but expect a continuous bombardment of everything Star Wars over the next few months (and we don't really mind at all). Of course Lego is never far behind any pop culture phenomena, and this time, they're bringing together all the Star Wars video games in one collection, combining together the original LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game and the sequel LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy.

LEGO Chima: Tribe Fighters arrives in Google Play Store

LEGO bricks are well-loved not just by the kids but also by adults who are well...geeks. The LEGO team has embraced digital times by releasing videos, games, apps, and last year, a movie. On the mobile arena, LEGO has already rolled out numerous games the latest of which is the 'LEGO Chima: Tribe Fighters' developed by Warner Bros. International Enterprises. The game follows the ‘LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga’ released on Amazon App Store back in January.

Amazon App Store releases ‘LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga’

Finally, the LEGO Star Wars : The Complete Saga game is now ready for Android. Warner Bros has released the app as we greeted that new year. However, the app is only available on the Amazon App Store, at least for now. It should be downloadable from the Google Play Store soon. Of course, you can always download the app directly from Amazon and install on your phone so you'll understand the gameplay of the very famous Star Wars saga.

LEGO Creator Islands lets you build all things awesome

Addicted to Minecraft? Consider a new strategy game called the LEGO Creator Islands. That’s right—it’s LEGO. This new app for Android lets you build your own island complete with Minifigures living and defending and rebuilding it.

The Force is strong in LEGO Star Wars Yoda Chronicles game

The new Star Wars movie may still be a couple of years away, but as early as now, they have been drumming up attention for the much beloved franchise, especially for this new generation. Disney has been airing several TV specials featuring Jedi Master Yoda and even Phineas and Ferb have gotten in on the action. And now LEGO has released a new Star Wars game for Android devices with The New Yoda Chronicles.

Google’s BugDroid LEGO set could become a reality, needs supporters

For all those Android fans out there that love the classic Google BugDroid, we have something just for you. Get out the old school LEGO set and have some fun Andy style. Last year you may remember a LEGO CUUSOO project where a few hopeful individuals launched a project to have an actual Android LEGO set -- and today we're happy to confirm it's only a few hundred away from reaching its goal.

LEGO charging dock for Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Lets say you don't approve of the accessories out on store shelves for your device. What is one to do? Well, you could always design some out of LEGOs like XDA developer Tibow. He managed to create a rather nice looking LEGO dock that holds the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in a landscape orientation. The only thing missing when compared to other docks, is it doesn't initiate "dock mode" when plugged in.
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